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How To Get 72 Affiliates In A Month For Residual Income

Aug 17, 2007
Do you want to hear the whole story? Okay, I will tell it. I am mostly interested about residual income from home business. To get 72 affiliates in one month is not a quick issue. Of course you can use pay per click, but I did not.

I love longterm and free ideas when I run my home business. And residual income rather than one shots. Everything started two months ago. Then I finetuned my online strategy and picked only actions which will bring residual income, slowly but steadily.

First, why longterm? Because I like to work more using ideas than money. By paying a man can get whatever, it does not require so much skills. But by using strategic planning and ideas, it requires professionalism to get results. And something fascinates in getting residual income. Do it once, earn many times, maybe during many years.

So what did I do?

1. One way links.

I went through Google using terms like submit your site and add url. This way I manually built up a list of 200 directories to where I submitted my url. By this way I got two benefits. These 200 links will bring a lot of traffic to my site and search engines will raise my page ranking, which also will bring more traffic.

This required only time, I did not use any software.

2. Reciprocal links.

I bought a nice software called LinkMachine and got some 10.000 targetted, two way links.This was extremely effective tool and my site started to get around 600 hits per each day. I also installed a free lead capture pop up form and can get tens of new members for my auresponder email income course per week. Nice side product.

3. Article writing.

I wrote articles by myself and also bought ready made ones, totally one hundred pieces. These I submitted with a service called Article Marketer to over 700 directories and to over 40.000 email addresses all over the net. This is a tool, which will work slowly, long term. Articles will bring both direct traffic and one way links.

4. I wrote to five blogs.

I wrote regularly, once a week, to my blogs about different useful topics concerning how to start and run home business online. From blogs I will get around from 50 to 60 hits per day. At WordPress blogs keywords are very important. My keyword set consists of 20 keywords per blog, mostly searched around 3.000 times per month according to Overture.
So called small keywords are better because it is more realistic to reach good search rank at search engines search results.

As you see, I fish in many small niches. This is important, because people want to search home business opportunities using many different search terms. And per search term the traffic to my site is small but when counted together it will bring nice traffic. And it is targetted.

To be effective I have to work with every single promotion regularly. This strategy brought me 72 new affiliates last month, which I regard as a very good result after the work of two months.
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