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5 Tips; How To Create A Cash Cow On The Internet With MLM

Jun 17, 2008
Making money on the internet can be potent. Network marketing and affiliate marketing can be integrated and make this process even more potent. This powerful force of creating yourself a continuous income can be done by using 5 simple strategies. What are the strategies and is there a cost associated with it you ask. Getting something for nothing is not something that is ever going to happen. With cost you have the option of how much you want to pay and if you want to spend your hard earned money or not.

You always have to spend a little time or a little money. If you use time only it can work and if you use money only it can work; however It is always wise to use both time and money. The later will allow you to be more successful. So what are the 5 proven ways to generate 22 plus streams of income with affiliate marketing and network marketing using the internet? Be Vicarious, concentrate on Extraction of sales leads, capitalize on Neglected profits, be Omnipresent on the internet, and Marketing; also known as VENOM.

1. Vicarious - Replace something with something else. Set up an automated system that allows you to have a hands off approach where you are generating income even while you are sleeping.

2. Extraction - Removing forcibly or pulling out information. Forget about the tire kickers. There are people out there that are really interested in joining your network marketing opportunity. Capturing qualified sales leads and business associates is your make things happen in your business. Use the internet to do this. There are lead capture programs available on the internet that can do this for you.

3. Neglected Profits - Find a way to monetize on disregarded, neglected, and uncared for monetary gains. Once these are found they can be converted into realized profits for you.

4. Omnipresent - Being present and having a presence everywhere at the same time; meaning having a presence with your network marketing business all over the world wide web in all places at all times.

5. Marketing - The art and practice of promoting. Promote your network marketing business with online and offline strategies; this way you are not putting all of your eggs in one basket.

Once you have these 5 strategies under your belt you will be able to manage the infinity line, dynamic compression, referral replacement model. Meaning; your network marketing business will fund you with an unlimited source of income.
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