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How Top Attorneys Use These Hidden Practices To Fill Their Practice 4

Jun 17, 2008
Previously, We covered how top attorneys use a proven system to build powerful relationships with Strategic Referral Partners.

Then, we showed you several easy ways to use the internet to market and grow your law practice.

After that we focused on generating more and better referrals by building meaningful, influential, and long-term relationships with your current and former clients.

Now, we are going to discuss a very powerful concept: differentiating yourself from your competition. There are over 1 million attorneys in the United States today. That's one attorney for every 300 people!

The perennial question is how does an attorney set himself or herself apart from all the hundreds or even thousands of competitors who offer the exact same services?

Law Firm Marketing Secret 4. Develop A Unique Competitive Advantage

I have asked hundreds of attorneys, Why should someone hire you versus your competition? Virtually all of them respond with the same four answers:

* Quality
* Service
* Years of experience
* Price

The problem is that none of these have any positive impact on prospective clients!

Quality is not a feature people will pay extra for. It simply means you meet the minimum level of expectations. No one will pay extra for quality nor will they pay less for low or no quality services.

For every service your law firm provides there are a thousand other law firms who offer the exact same service. You cannot differentiate yourself from other attorneys by emphasizing your services. In fact, by emphasizing the fact that you offer the exact same services as every other law firm you are actually reinforcing the common misconception that you are just like every other lawyer.

Most attorneys would agree that years of experience is a misnomer. As the saying goes, you may have 20 years of experience or just 1 year of experience repeated 20 times. Regardless of how long you've been in practice, someone has been practicing longer.

Emphasizing that you are affordable (which equals cheap in many prospect's minds) will only have the effect of attracting tire kickers into your law practice. And do you really want to be known as the Wal-Mart of law firms the low cost leader?

These are all features of your law firm. When you focus on the features when marketing your law firm you become a commodity. When you become a commodity, you have to focus on price. When you focus on price, you lower your profit margins. And when you lower your profit margins you become vulnerable to every other attorney out there who is willing to accept a lower profit margin that you are.

We share 10 different ways to create a Unique Competitive Advantage. Here are three of them:

* Focus on the benefits, value and results. When meeting with a prospective client, emphasize the benefits you offer to clients, the value you bring, and the results (be careful to follow your state's ethics in advertising regulations and do not guarantee outcomes).

* Focus on service, not the list of services your firm provides. Explain how you serve your clients better by going out of your way for them and by treating every person as a VIP. Ask yourself what kind of client experience you want each to have. Be very specific and write down your ideas. Put an action plan into place with your staff to ensure that every experience a prospect or client has with your firm is a positive one.

* Focus on solutions. People don't buy legal services; they buy solutions to their legal problems. Prepare a case study of how you found a creative solution to another client's problem. Explain how you came up with it and the results.

Top Rainmakers recognize marketing your law firm is a process, a systematic approach of building relationships with valued referral sources, cultivating your contacts, and staying connected to your clients.
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The Rainmaker Institute is the nation's largest law firm marketing company that specializes in helping small law firms and solo practitioners generate more and better referrals and fill their practice. Over 6,000 attorneys have benefited from applying our proven Rainmaker Marketing System. Stephen Fairley founded the company in 1998. For more information visit www.toplawfirmmarketingtips.com
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