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One Way Link Building The Easy Way!

Jun 17, 2008
One way link building can be done very easily and quickly by building your own software and submitting it to software directories via a pad file. Sound complicated? Only if you are under 3 years old and if that's the case you are probably not going to understand much of what I am about to say.

Barring that, it really is that simple. The only thing you have to do is fill in a form and use a wizard that does everything for you. There is literally nothing more than that to it and when you've finished you will have a massive amount of quality high page rank links back to your site.

It's all about back links. Specifically one way back links. Why? Because Google and all the other search engines (SE) prefer one way back links. Generally speaking it has always been thus. Originally the emphasis was on reciprocal linking which is a method of linking where websites trade links; I link to you if you link to me etc.

Now, in an ever changing cyber world such is no longer the case and reciprocal linking really doesn't count for a whole lot. In reciprocal linking you are only trading links with another willing site and that says nothing about who or what you are. One way back links however, mean that the site linking to you is saying you have something to offer. Why else would they be doing it?

The SE's essentially want to give the user the best viewing experience they can. They want to make sure that that individual sees exactly what he/she asked to see because only then will they come back for more. Simply put, the more sites linking to you means the more you have to offer, the more you have to offer the more the SE's want you. If you add into that mix high page rank authority sites linking to you this can be one seriously good thing.

There are any number of different method's out there to achieve this. You could write articles and submit them to directories, do a blog and again, submit it to social bookmarking sites; you can leave comments on other people's blogs that link back to your site or blog. In all every one of these methods have two things in common; they provide one way links back to your site and they are all, without exception, a lot of work.

If you haven't done it I have and believe me it takes a lot of time and effort and then even more time to actually see any results. Quite frankly that's much too much work for me. I'd rather be doing other things. Fortunately, there is a much better way and that way is creating and submitting software to software directories. Doing this you will Get large numbers of free, high page rank back links as easily and quickly as is possible and you will be amazed at how quick the results will be.
About the Author
Murray Hubick is an accomplished writer and entrepreneur who has made an in depth study of SEO and One Way Link Building . You can now view the product of those efforts at www.10000backlinks.com where the author has detailed a method of generating literally hundreds of One Way Backlinks from high page rank authority websites. A method that is simple, easy, very fast and requires no technical skills whatsoever.
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