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Using Wordtracker For Finding Amazing Keywords

Jun 17, 2008
Almost all SEO's would confirm that the most important thing which is required for your site content is the selection of the right keywords. If you select the wrong keywords, you may generate a large amount of traffic but this will not end up in sales. Sometimes the wrong keyword selection may give you no traffic at all. Both of these cases will be trouble for any online business. Before the Wordtracker was introduced it was mainly the responsibility of the marketer or the client to select the required keywords. Different web based services will also give you ideas for keywords that might be favorable for your business. Some people also had to get other search term tools which were the only hub for keywords at that time.

When Wordtracker entered the picture, things become easier. Now, you can plug in a few keywords using Wordtracker, and the web-based service will provide you with keyword data and ideas for more keywords. This might help your business immensely. Besides this Wordtracker will also assist you in analyzing which keyword is being searched more and has done well in the last 24 hours at each of the major search engines. Wordtracker can single-handedly help you enhance the volume of traffic to your site.

Let's say that you deal in health supplements and provide shipping over the internet. The first thing you need to do is to identify your audience. Who would be interested in buying this product? Potential audiences could be people who are "weak" and want to recover their weight by using this supplement. So let's take this as the first step and start with it.

- Click comprehensive search at Wordtracker and type in "weak", hit proceed button

- Go down to the end of the page and search for the term "competitive search", click it. For now do not give any consideration to the results it has produced.

- Select any two of your favorite engines or for that matter directory and than click.

- What is the result? "Weak" and all other related words to weak, are definitely not good options because the result of traffic comparisons is really low. Targeting these words will not generate the expected traffic. In reality such things can happen when you are doing all the strategic work yourself.

- So let us go back to square one and try "food supplement". Again this does not prove to be a good term.

- Now, we want to try the word "weight gain". After all the health supplements are generally about weight gains and even for those who work out regularly and want to maintain their strength. So, this key word can identify the most suitable audience for health supplement sellers.

- Finally after analyzing the wordtracker generated keywords for famous engines such as; MSN and Google, for the term "weight gain", we can pick the next term, "technique of weight gain", just because this is a very appropriate term to market our product. Some times the most popular keywords with very high KEI don't even work with your product so you have to be careful. Do your research thoroughly!
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