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If You Still "Pay-Per-Click" Or "PPA" , You're Paying Too Much For Too Little!

Jun 17, 2008
Pay per click, when it came out onto the market, was hailed as being one of the best systems of advertising ever created. Rather than paying for every time a particular advertisement was seen by people, you instead only paid when someone clicked on a link and visited your website. While you ended up paying more money, it was definitely something that really allowed you to ensure that what you were paying for was quality. And in 2002-2003, this was definitely a novelty that had many people back into the internet marketing game.

However, when someone considers pay per click in the modern context, it is really something that has lost a lot of the momentum it once had. Most of the people that surf the net regularly know exactly what Google AdSense is and for that reason have no problem clicking on the links in order to just read a page out of the curiosity. They don't really care what's on the page in most cases and for that reason the targeting that PPC once gave you is not something that you can rely on anymore. While your money will still get you some equity in some cases, most people are paying too much for too little.

So what's the solution? Simple! The solution is a new type of advertising known as PPA, which translates to pay per action. Rather than paying for someone clicking on an ad and going to your website, you are instead paying for every time that person does something on your website. That something might be joining a list, visiting a specific page, making a purchase or anything else that you can think of, but the point is that you do not pay unless the specific action that you want to happen is taken.

The good aspect of this method is that you are getting the maximum value for the money that you pay. The bad aspect of this method is that because you are only paying for such a small amount of times that your advertisement is actually shown (maybe 1% if the person doing the advertising is lucky), you are going to have to pay a lot of money for each action that happens. Whereas a particular click might cost you $0.20, a particular action resulting from those clicks might cost you $2.00 instead. This is to insure that the website that is providing the ads receives the same amount of money.

Whenever you are doing PPA or PPC advertising you are ending paying to much for what you get. This is why PPA or PPC advertising should be a temporary solution. If you want long term targeted traffic that converts into sales you need to use proper search engine optimization techniques. The search engine optimization techniques are so important because the best kind of website traffic by far is going to be organic search engine traffic. This type of traffic is traffic who is highly targeted and because of that not only are they going to be interested in reading what you have to say but they are also going to be more interested in buying whatever you have to offer.

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