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Online Business Opportunities: "They Told Me I Was Supposed to Be Rich, Now I Am Broke!"

Jun 17, 2008
There is a saying in the music business that is perhaps one of the most poignant ever created. It is the term "one hit wonder" and it refers to a band that came bursting onto the scene with a single song that made them famous, but then failed to build on that and eventually had to give up the music business because their one stroke of genius was all they had in them. One hit wonders are very common in the music world, almost as common as no hit wonders are in the online marketing world.

If you put together all of the people that have been successful in internet marketing, the gurus would have you believe that these people amount to around 25% of the online internet marketing population. The simple truth of the matter is that the actual figures are for every one person that succeeds in online marketing, over a hundred fail. For every person that gets rich as they were supposed to, one hundred people go broke and end up going back to their everyday jobs. And a lot of people love to blame everything for this failure; the book that they purchased, the membership they joined or anything else that might come across their mind as a good target of opportunity.

The simple truth of the matter, however, is that the only person that can truly be blamed for your failure is you. If you blame someone else for going broke in business, ultimately all you are doing is casting blame outwards for things that you really should take responsibility for. A purchase of a single e-book would not have destroyed your business even if the information turned out to be less than useful and in most cases people are too lazy to return them and get all of the money they spent back.

If the complaint that you have is one of purchasing a business program that was your entire budget, then the real question is "why". Why did you put all of your eggs in one basket, relying on a program you knew nothing more than a sales pitch about? When you are starting in online marketing, you want to make your initial money last as long as possible so that you have a chance to hit on something at some point. For this reason and others, most people have nobody to blame but themselves for failure in internet marketing.

Many internet businesses fail not because they didn't have enough money. It's because they don't really have the knowledge on how to put things together. They spent all their time doing costly mistakes. When they figured out what was not working, it is too late. Making money online can be very difficult for the newcomer but if you are willing to work hard and learn all you can about internet marketing you will have a far better chance of succeeding. Keep in mind that the secret to the income is not only in the knowledge, it is in doing it!

To Your Success!
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