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The One MLM Marketing Strategy You Can Use To Have Hundreds Of Prospects Calling You

Jun 17, 2008
Over the last few months, I have ONLY been marketing my business using the internet and what I found is mind-blowing. There are thousands of marketing techniques, sites, offers, you name it. But which mlm marketing strategy is a surefire way to get the most prospects calling you?

Any successful internet marketer has favorites, of course, but which one can help you right now? The answer is simple. A mix of them. The one thing you can do to have hundreds of prospects calling you is to utilize a marketing mix. There is no ONE mlm marketing strategy that is the strategy of all strategies.

Different marketers have better results with some strategies than others. So your best bet is to test as many as you can, determine which one's produce you the most results, and make them part of your marketing mix until it is evident that you should make some changes.

Regarding the different mlm marketing strategies there are two kinds. Paid and Free. Each one of them requires something from you. Free advertising requires clearly more of your time since you pay no money and paid advertising demands your money and not much time.

You must look at your situation and determine which mlm marketing strategy you will employ. There is no way around it. You must either invest your time or your money in YOUR business.

So, how many prospects do you want daily? How much time or money are you willing to invest? I know some of you think that there is an easy way out of this because maybe you are stuck thinking network marketing is get rich quick. Network marketing and MLM certainly do allow you to get rich QUICKER with far less risk than a job or other traditional businesses, but work from you is still an ingredient.

If you would like to know which mlm marketing strategies you can possibly use to get a jumpstart, I will share a few with you here. Article marketing, newsletter marketing and pay-per-click are simple yet cost effective methods to start promoting your business.

In fact, these are three of my favorites and they are constants in my marketing mix! So which mlm marketing strategy do you start first? It doesn't really matter. Just learn to use these three effectively and the leads will start pouring in like crazy.
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Tracey Walker is an Expert Internet Network Marketer who hates rejection and chasing dead-end leads. To learn more about how she completely stopped having hotel meetings and still grew a lead database of over 211 prospects while generating over $1,703 in less than 30 days even though no one joined her business, click this link... Internet MLM Success
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