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Guaranteed Website Visitors - Too Good to Be True?

Jun 17, 2008
What are guaranteed hits, guaranteed traffic, and guaranteed visitors? We have seen these terms before. As Internet Marketers and Website owners we are exposed to these terms each and every day. There are literally thousands of websites just waiting to make you riché─Âyeah right. These sites promise unique visitors, guaranteed visitors, you name it. They guarantee it all! That is until you realize they do not deliver.

Where does this so called traffic come from? Where does it get you? The answer is simple. In many cases, it comes from nowhere! This is often the case because you are getting nothing more than a moving counter and fake hits to your website. Many companies will trick and deceive their way into your pockets. You get 5% or less real visitors as compared to the number you ordered. This is unfortunately the case in 80% of traffic reseller websites on the Internet.

The other 20% is the portion we are going to focus on here. These are the companies that put forth time and effort and live up to their traffic guarantees. These companies spend MANY hours collecting expired domain, and establishing relationships with niche specific authority websites. These companies often deal with the purchasing of expired domains.

These expired domains are the lifeblood of many traffic sale companies power. The more high quality, visitor ridden sites a company owns, the more traffic they can deliver. The math is simple, if you have more sites delivering more visitors you simply have more selling power! Leté─˘s say a reseller has 10000 domains, lets say these domains are split into 100 categories. These categories can range from Pets to Cars and everything in between.

As a traffic reseller, I buy domains from almost every niche and category. I research the domains that have been dropped by their owners, and buy them if there are visitors that still frequent that domain. This is done through research and past performance analysis. The network I deal with has over 20,000 domains and that number grows every day.

Owning all of these domain names is a good thing, but how do you leverage this ownership into something that is both usable and marketable? The answer is simple, since one cannot create sites in each and every niche market on the web, we as traffic resellers rely on the owners of these sites to use our traffic power to make their site popular.

Assuming you own a site on pets, where else can you find this many visitors to come to your site without investing endless hours of marketing, advertising, and paying tons of money for adwords clicks. We have all been there, our site is launched, but there are no interested visitors coming to us. This is most certainly a giant problem for any internet marketer, both new and old alike. Continue reading to discover who you can trust for the task of sending traffic to your site.

Delivering traffic to our clients is our number one concern. We want to deliver the amount ordered in the timeframe allotted. Read on if you would like to discover more information about purchasing guaranteed hits, visitors, and traffic.
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