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The Truth about EDU Links

Jun 17, 2008
Everyone says that EDU links are valuable. Forums buzz still with ideas for garnering that prized EDU link. And as Google continues to deny the value, some people are buying it.

After all, Matt Cutts said so. He said officially in 2005 that Google's algorithm does not value the .edu tld any more than any other extension. As recently as May 2008, there were confirmations that Google did not place any more importance on the .edu domain.

But then why do they work, Google? Well maybe it is not from the 3 letters on the end of the domain, but by the inherent value that tends to be associated with the .edu link. Because they do still work, like a charm. And your SEO competitors are buying or obtaining them whenver they can.

Why do the EDU links still work?

1. EDUs are typically older domains, well established, respected sites.

2. EDUs are not public domains, not anyone can get a link there. Thus edu links are harder to obtain.

3. EDUs tend to have loads of inbound links and very high page rank of 7 or 8 or 9.

4. Content on .edu domains tends to be worthwhile and respected inherently.

This is why the topic of "how to get edu links" pops up frequently in webmaster forums. College papers, as a fad, is still actually viable but not too valuable. Be sure they are cheap. And sidebar links are nearly worthless now anyhow. The classified listing is an idea that I still read, but again is weak.

The Link Building 101 rules still apply, though not with as much credence, as the edu link will overshadow some of these. However, you still want ideally a link in content, that is the current effective link building tip that is garnering results. Avoid sidebar or footer links, or sitewide links, typically sold cheap on college rags (cheap for a reason!)

So if you read a know-it-all forum poster blah-blahing about Matt Cutts claim that EDU links are not valued, do read the the rest of the thread. You will inevitably read exactly what I am saying: that the EDU link is certainly valuable for many reasons, is an authoritative link that should be sought after and prized.
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