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SEO Jigsaw Glossary, Part a - A to Z SEO Glossary of Terms and Definitions

Jun 17, 2008
SEO Jigsaw have compiled a new search engine optimization glossary within the sub-pages of their new website. Our glossary is dedicated to the different search engine optimization terms and definition currently doing the circuit within the search engine optimization community.

Part A; Search Engine Optimization Glossary terms beginning with A:

Absolute Link:

1. An absolute link is the entire path to whatever it is your trying to reach.

2. An absolute link is the direct and full address to a file on the web.

3. An absolute link is also used for for link to other websites.

4. An absolute link is a hyperlink that includes the complete URL, consisting of the domain name.

5. An absolute link is the full URL link to the target page.


1. Accessibility is ensuring the access of information is available to the widest possible audience.

2. Accessibility means access to information for all.3. Accessibility is about giving equal access to everyone.

4. Accessibility is something most web designers consider an afterthought.

4. Accessibility no current laws in place to enforce it.


1. AdSense is people paying to advertise on their own web space.

2. AdSense is a programme that lets normal people earn lots of money from their website.

3. AdSense is a wonderful opportunity to earn extra capital from the pages of your website.

4. AdSense is a context based advertising system that analyses page content to suiting ads.

5. AdSense is fit for random traffic and parked domains.


1. AdWords are paid advertising in Google rankings.

2. AdWords are basically small advertisements that appears for a certain keyword search.

3. AdWords are now displayed in the same colour as standard results.

4. AdWords are simply those words you pay for to attract clicks.

5. AdWords are a great way to enhance site exposure and traffic.

Agent Name:

1. Agent Name. Example Google user agent name is Googlebot.

2. Agent Name is a process of sending search engine spiders to agent pages, yet sending visitors to what they want to see


1. AJAX is a dynamic method in which to communicate with server.

2. AJAX is program that Google Maps needs.


1. Algorithm is a method developed to solve a wide variable of problems.

2. Algorithm is an operational programming rule that determine how a search engine indexes content and displays the results to its users.

3. Algorithm is one method of unscrambling lots of information.

4. Algorithm is an equation or, more generally a maths expression.

5. Algorithm is the study algorithm is called algorithmics and is the core of all computer science.

All The Web:

1. All the Web is a search engine that returns results as fast as any other.

2. All the Web is more customizable than most search engines, using skins.

3. All the Web is owned by Overture.

Alt Attribute:

1. Alt Attributes are HTML elements specified within image tag.

2. Alt Attributes is often called Alt Tag, required to provide a text equivalent for an object or image.

3. Alt Attributes is for someone without a graphical browser so it can make sense of the image.

4. Alt Attributes is one very strong hint to the content of an image.

Alt Tags:

1. Alt Tags are used when ever you have an image in your site that is important to the overall massage.

2. Alt Tag are basically the description of a said image.

3. Alt Tag are text descriptions within a code that describes the image.

4. Alt Tag are instructions in the HMTL tag that describe graphics.

Anchor Text:

1. Anchor Text is visible text in a hyperlink.

2. Anchor Text is used to tell search engines and visitors what the page is about.

3. Anchor Text is a factor that can increase your search engine rankings for set keywords.

4. Anchor Text is important for both internal web site structure and external linking.

5. Anchor Text can be optimized both internally and external.


1. API is intended to dictate implementation as little as possible.

2. API is a set of classes used to store and retrieve site wide configuration.


1. ASP is designed to empower independent software.

2. ASP is purely a microsoft based technology, primarily used on Window NT servers.

3. ASP is a free code to create an object system for a content and management system.

Automated Submitting:

1. Automated Submitting is an automatic process that takes place to gain a link.


All of the SEO glossary terms taken to compile this article are just a cross section of SEO terms and definitions currently out their in the search engine optimization community.
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