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Lights, Camera, Action! Getting Top Dollar For Your Antique Buttons Using Video

Jun 17, 2008
It seems like everyone and their dog is using eBay these days, whether to buy or sell or do both. So if you're trying to get some antique buttons off your hands for the highest price possible, how can you distinguish yourself from the pack? When lovers of antiques are browsing the popular auction Web site, what will catch their eye? Video!

That's right, nothing grabs someone's attention like video. While photographs and well-written text and can be effective, they are hardly as entertaining and to the point as video. So how exactly do you go about getting video on your side to promote your special antique buttons? Well, it's quite easy, but you can't just use any video format. Ebay has some guidelines for auctioneers and if you want to take advantage of the video medium, then it's important to understand what the rules are.

There are two ways you can utilize video to advertise your most valuable buttons.

1) You can make a Web site with the embedded demonstration video on it and then link to it on eBay. With tools like blogs and video hosting Web sites, this step is pretty self explanatory.
2) This last method is not the best way to go about things, however, as the whole point of a video is that it immediately attracts potential buyers. Luckily, eBay allows you to link directly to a video as long as you own all rights to the video, do not solicit payment methods, and most importantly you must use one of the following hosts: AOL, AuctionMercial, AuctionPlayer, AuctionVideo, CarTHINK, CreativeVideosOnline, Google, i2iAuction, Microsoft, MySpace, or YouTube.

So, you understand eBay's policy now what? In order to properly show off your favorite buttons, make sure you are working with good, clear video quality. Next, it's your job to sell your product. Illustrate the authenticity and beauty of what you're trying to sell. Zoom in on the antique items and make sure they are well lit. Go ahead and use your words to sum up all the reasons a buyer should checkout with your product, on video explain the unique history of the buttons and why they are such a treasure.

People who shop around online often yearn for a more personable experience, so this is your chance to make buyers feel comfortable clicking that bid or buy now button for your buttons!

Whether you have a regular camcorder or a webcam, it's probably time you get to filming and watch those buttons fly off your shelves and into the hands of eager bidders. If you want more tips on using video on eBay, consider taking an online course.
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