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A Simple but Misused Tactic Charged My Lead Capturing Minisite to Pull in 30% More Leads

Aug 17, 2007
Here's a simple secret. Infact there is no secret, it is so simple that many sites fail to utilize this tactic to boost up their sales, profits and conversion rate.

I did this same mistake but fortunately discovered it and ended up using this simple trick to increase my subscriber and customer list.

You might have the best quality product on the earth, a mind blowing customer service and you might be the most honest person on the web, your visitor will experience all these benefits only and only if your site converts your visitor into customer.

In short, your site is between your visitor and your product.

Your product will sell only if your site presents it in a way that clears all his psychological blocks that stops him to purchase your product.

So you need to improve your website PRESENTATION. Here are 3 most important blocks that you have to keep in mind to improve your website presentation...

1. Website Design.
2. Website Copy.
3. Website Graphics.

The simple but misused tactic that charged my lead capturing minisite to pull in 30% more leads is using killer, eye catching, amazingly stunning benefit laden graphics on my site.

You might say, it is common sense, but it is a shocking fact that majority sites fail to use this simple but powerful tactic to its fullest extent.

Here's my story...

I learned to design simple benefit laden graphics for my minisites, salesletters and lead capturing page. I learned these tricks within one hour watching some amazing graphic design videos.

As soon as I pasted these graphics on my site, I noticed an instant jump in my...

1. Sales - My visitor to sales conversion ratio increased by 45%.

2. Leads - My visitor to subscriber ratio increased by 30%.

3. Traffic - It might sound insane, but the fact is I started getting repeat traffic to my site.

4. Credibility - Visitors started trusting my site due to its professional approach. Some of my site visitors visited my place and called me up complimenting my site.

5. Profits - This finally increased cash in my bank account. This is what we all are waiting for.

I noticed that many visitors subscribed to my list only by viewing the killer graphics on the page. They did not even bother reading the entire copy on the site.

The secret is to create simple graphics that locks your visitors eyeballs.

Create killer ebook covers, box covers, magazine covers, report covers, video graphics, etc and stick them on your site.

With graphics on your page visitors can see your product right in front of their eyes leading to high conversion ratio.

Then plug a benefit on your graphic that wets their appetite. Boom, this simple approach will increase your profits without putting any additional efforts on your site or increasing your website traffic.

Just do what this article says and watch your profits EXPLODE.
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