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Earn Money From Your Website by Displaying Advertisements

Jun 17, 2008
The first thing you need to do to make money from your website or blog is to get some traffic to your site. The more traffic, the better.

The reason this is important is because website and blog owners earn money either by ad impressions or by clicks on ads.

Getting paid per impression means you get a certain dollar figure per 1000 times the ad is displayed to a visitor to your site. This is called eCPM.

The other way website owners generally get paid is from cpc ads, which stands for cost per click. These types of ads generate revenue each time someone clicks the ad.

Google Adsense is often one of the first online advertising platforms website owners experiment with for several reasons. It is easy to use, it's easy to place, and Adsense ads look like standard web link and tend to get a lot of attention from visitors.

It is one of the best content relevant advertising systems online today.

There are other programs that you can run alongside Adsense to create more opportunities to earn money online.

I've experimented with many of them. Clickbank and Commission Junction are affiliate programs, which means you get paid when someone purchases one of their products from your site. This is a harder way to earn money than if you get paid just per click of per impression, but the payouts tend to be larger. Sometimes much larger.

Kontera is an ad network that runs on java. With Kontera, you get paid every time someone clicks one of the links on your pages. Inside the text that you write, certain words will get highlighted and become links. If they get clicked, you get money.

The payout on this program tends to be very small, but if you have hundreds or thousands of pages running the ads, you may be able to make some decent pocket change.

Widgetbucks is an online advertising company that is growing in popularity because it has good payouts per click and per impression. Widgetbucks works with Adsense. It's a very effective program because you get paid every time your ads get clicked in addition to every time the ads get displayed.

This means you get paid for CPC and eCPM from Widgetbucks. It pays very well and the ads are easy to integrate into your site. They are designed well and you have a lot of latitude in choosing what products they display.

This is good because you can choose more expensive products, which means you will get paid more. But you always want to make sure the ads are relevant to what your site is about.

Adsense is a great program. I have also had success with Widgetbucks, as well as some affiliate programs. In terms of ease of use, Adsense and Widgetbucks are the best.
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