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Tips When Seeking A Promotional Item

Jun 17, 2008
You've likely heard that word-of-mouth advertising is the wave of the future. Long gone are the days where a fast-talking salesman swindles you into purchasing a "lemon" car, or billions of dollars are spent on a couple of strategically placed billboard ads.

Sure, it's still important to have a quality sales team and to spread your marketing agenda across mediums, but one of the most exciting ways to strike a chord with your target market is by offering a branded promotional item. Whether you want to get people talking and buying today or keep your customers coming back for more, promotional marketing products are a generous offering that will offer YOU big returns!

The key to selecting the ideal advertising promotional product is to first consider your targeted demographic. For example, you won't want to brand mouse pads for elderly women. Likewise, golf shirts won't work for 14-year-old boys. Secondly, consider where you will be marketing. If you're going to the beach, why not select a beach ball, a water bottle, visors, sunglasses, beach towels or imprinted sunblock?

Your target market will appreciate your thoughtfulness and will remember that experience forever! Thirdly, you will want to consider your quintessential brand message. How can you tie in the essence of your brand with a custom promotional product? For example, Skyy Vodka is partnering up with Sex and the City to offer "Samantha," "Charlotte," "Carrie" and "Miranda" cocktails at Houlihan's Bars across America. What better way to promote a sleek, "girls-night-out" brand image?

You may have heard that the "wearable" promotional item/corporate apparel is a crowd favorite. But suppose you're marketing something like health insurance or Pepto-Bismol. It's not likely that people will want to be your walking billboard.

Your shirt will only end up at Goodwill, in the bottom of a drawer or covered in paint. Instead, try to create a cross-promotion with something more exciting, perhaps a movie or a music artist. Or you may want a neat artistic design that subtly sneaks your brand name in somewhere.

Tote bags are big hits, no matter what you're promoting, because of its additional utility. You can even take that concept one step further and offer a cell phone cover, a wallet, a laundry hamper, a reusable shopping bag, or some other functional item.

We all like getting something for free -- be it imprinted pens, tote bags, stress relievers or key tags. Whether your marketing budget is big or small, you can create a personalized grassroots level campaign. There are limitless places to scour on the internet to find that perfect promotional item and you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your generosity is sure to pay off in the end!
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