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Postcards Can Be an Effective Addition to Any Internet Marketing Campaign

Bob Withers
Jun 17, 2008
Postcards are a cost effective way to advertise your company. They are serious marketing tools and act as tiny billboards with a big message. Postcards are great for spreading the news and are an inexpensive way to contact prospects and up sell services to current customers. They are also a great way to stay in front of your target audience.

Postcards are less expensive to send out than regular mail and are typically used when the sales message is simple and brief. Double postcards can act as a response vehicle as well because they can also provide feedback from your customers.

Another advantage of post cards is that in most mail rooms and offices any envelope that even resembles advertising is thrown away, usually unopened, whereas postcards tend to be delivered as intended.

There are many options available when using postcards as a marketing tool. You can mail them, hand them out, post them on a bulletin board or leave them in a display. They can be used to create attention, belief and a need because they have eye appeal. Postcards are most effective in announcing an event or to advertise a new product.

They are usually associated with happy memories because we all enjoy getting postcards from friends and family on holidays. And as such they tend to be viewed by the recipient as more of a personal message from the sender rather than just more advertising or junk mail.

Variable data postcards are also attractive, if designed correctly. Variable Data Printing occurs when the messaging, images and offer on each mail piece is customized according to the preferences of each recipient on your list. It's simply the most effective way to increase response, drive sales and boost your Return on Investment.

Some general rules of thumb which can contribute to a successful postcard campaign are first of all, keep it simple. Don't overload your customers with too much information or too many graphics. Keep your message short and to the point. Make it a quick read and leave your customers wanting to know more.

Whatever your mission is, whether it's to advertise your product or service, to brand your business, to provide a friendly reminder to clients that you're still around, or to promote an upcoming sale, postcards can flood your target market at a low cost.

Today's technology enables even the smallest business to treat hundreds of customers as individuals. This gives the impression that the individual customer is special and worth getting to know. A good postcard can be viewed as a personal greeting from a business and can give the recipient a special feeling.

Make your postcard stand out from the crowd. With today's technology and computer graphics you can make your message eye catching and memorable. You have to remember it's likely to be the first impression you're making on this potential client.

A key point to remember with regard to any direct mail campaign is that some people respond more quickly than others to a message or offer. Some people may contact you after one mailing while some others may take four or five communications before responding.

So it helps to know your target audience and it also helps to have patience and not to pull the plug on your postcard marketing campaign before it has the chance to achieve the desired result.
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