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Effective Employment Producing Job Interview Tips

Jun 17, 2008
A job interview is considered to be a very challenging task by most job seekers. There is big fear factor, because of which, candidate get nervous while interviewing, and ultimately it results in a bad outcome. Having successful job interviews requires good preparation and good presence of mind. Job interview is the key factor from which companies judge candidates and make sure that the company is running in talented and safe hands. From this interview, an employer attempts to get in to your mind and draws out your past, present and future lloking for a match to the jobs they have available. Therefore, if you show up without any strategy or preparation for your employment, then you will mess up the job interview and it will affect your impression and overall career.

When you are preparing for the job interview recruitment process, remember one important thing that you are preparing for the job interview and the interviewer is also preparing for taking your interview. In addition, to this the interviewer will plan some points based on your career and will try to test you every moment of the interview. The interviewer will try to trick you with various types of questions and you must prepare yourself for such tricky questions. Prepare for your answers. Put your answers based on the facts and your qualification. Because, the entire outcome from the interview is dependent on how you answer the questions and how smartly you justify yourself. You want to make it easy for them to justify their careers of achievement by choosing you.

Three questions you should be able to answer if asked are the old standbys "Why do you want this job?", "Why do you want to work for this company?" and "What is your current salary?". Others which are likely to be asked are about your skills, your achievements and your expectations from the position to which you are applying. Answer these questions in as much detail as you can manage and of course, honestly.

Have some examples to give along with your answers. Think carefully and choose some examples that highlight your skills and accomplishments. There are other factors which go into doing well in a job interview; for instance, try to build a rapport with your interviewer - if they enjoy talking to you, you are much more likely to get the job.

Be prepared when you walk in for a job interview. Have at least (preferably more) two copies of your resume, three references and if applicable, your portfolio. This is not just a conversation you'll be having, but you will have the opportunity to let the interviewer get to know you and make as strong of a case as possible for yourself.

A very important thing to prepare for a job interviewer is a few company-specific questions for your interviewer. Asking these questions will work for you by demonstrating that you have put some thought into this position and are serious about this job and this company. Your interviewer will take note of this.

Make sure to look professional for a job interview. Dress professionally, but keep a relaxed manner about you. The most important thing is to project confidence; this is likely to make you memorable to your interviewer.


To briefly sum up the themes of this article, if you want to do well in a job interview, learn a bit about the company and draw from your experience to make the strongest possible case that you are the ideal candidate for this position while displaying confidence and personablility - this will ensure that you do well in any job interview.
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