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How To Find Budget Website Hosting Packages Without Compromising Quality

Jun 17, 2008
It seems like everyday we can take a look either online or even offline and find a number of offers on website hosting. Some offer free trials, and others show very nominal monthly fee's. However, how are we to choose, especially if your website is very important to you?

In this website hosting article, you will learn:
* Warning Of The Free Hosting Offers
* A Look At Budget Hosting
* Why Budget May Not Always Be Budget Website Hosting

* Warning Of The Free Hosting Offers
Quite a few years ago I needed a new hosting provider, my original hosting company was with my ISP, and as I learned, this is not the best way to go about hosting a website. I needed something more, so I looked around.

Having looked around I found a very interesting offer from a company, it showed several months of free hosting. So I took the plunge, and soon found things I didn't expect. Costs which were not plain to see when I got the website hosting package.

This happens every day, and is something to be concerned about. Many website hosting companies offer free trials, some even offer total free hosting. But those that offer the total free, and even some of the free trials end up costing more than you expected. Though this does not usually mean that service won't be good, it can be, so keep an eye on the total costs.

* A Look At Budget Hosting
What is budget hosting, and why can those website hosting companies offer hosting so low? After all, a little bit of research will show costly packages, and a few show such low prices, it seem unbelievable.

There comes a need to understand the basics. Website hosting companies invest in server computers which hold websites. Now, these servers can hold thousands of websites or a few. But, as you add more websites, the websites suffer in speed.

The budget hosting packages will often place a lot more websites on each server than a more highly priced package at another website hosting company. This is the gist of it; however, hosting companies may even cut back on customer service, thus making prices lower.

* Why Budget May Not Always Be Budget Website Hosting
If we consider the above points, then it would seem apparent that the main consideration is to see whether they are serving other sites well. A good way to tell both points is to try to get through to customer services or more better the technical department, and try asking a question, and see how long till you get a response.

As I often say, a website that is up, is up, but when something goes wrong, how quick till it is resolved? This is an important point, so if you can give a free trial a go, and see if it works in that time, and they offer good service, then you may have found a gem. There are many budget website hosting companies that offer packages that are just as good as the bigger and more expensive hosting companies.
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