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How to Increase Your Website Traffic With RSS Feeds

Jun 17, 2008
Introduction to RSS Feeds

RSS is an acronym that stands for Really Simple Syndication. In layman terms, it is a way to syndicate information on blogs and other websites so that it can be delivered through a software platform to a person without actually having to visit a website. Software like Google Reader can be used to read RSS feeds and they are a way to allow a person to read a blog's material without actually having to visit that blog.

For most people, this seems like a bad idea for blog marketing simply because all of your money is made through getting people to come to the blog. However, this is a short term view and one that you absolutely can not take if you want to be successful at blogging in the long run. There are many ways that RSS feeds can help you increase your traffic.

Additional Readership

There are many internet savvy people that do not read blogs that do not have RSS feeds simply because they can not be bothered going back to the blog in order to visit it on a consistent basis. They don't like surfing blogs and therefore would not read your blog if you did not have an RSS feed. These people are important because from time to time when you have special offers, posts that require commenting or posts that they find interesting enough to come to your website for, they will visit. While it won't be every day, it will happen a few times each month and that can definitely increase your website traffic.

Blogging is not about website traffic as much as it is about maintaining a readership that is of a very high numerical amount. You might have 30,000 page views on your main page in a single month, but what use is that if you only have a dozen readers that just visit multiple times each day? More readers are the key and the RSS feed that you offer can be your ticket to getting more of them. Review Me and other similar advertising services take into account RSS feeds as well and there are ways you can advertise on RSS, filling your need for extra website traffic.

With RSS, it's really the best of both worlds. You can get more traffic through occasional website visits and you can get more advertising revenue through showing a larger readership.

Its easy to create your RSS Feeds. I recommend to use a good software unless you like to write XML manually. Then once your feed is done you have to upload your feed (XML file) on your web hosting account. I like to use FeedForAll.com to create RSS feeds. That software will automatically create your feed into the XML format. RSS is a free and simple way to publish for internet marketers. RSS allows your content to be delivered fast to your subscribers and other web media. So be sure to add RSS feeds to your internet marketing arsenal!

To Your Success!
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