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How Exactly Does Google Adwords Work

Jun 17, 2008
We should begin by explaining what Google Adwords is. This is a system of pay per click advertising which lets you make ads which are made using keywords and search phrases. This can be a very effective method of advertising which can drive much more web traffic to your site and get you highly targeted visitors who will have a high conversion rate.

Making an Adwords ad is very simple. There are a lot of tools offered by Google to help webmasters fine tune these ads for optimal performance.

Ads can be placed on sites of the advertisers choosing or have them placed to the right of results on a Google search page. Ads which appear on websites are called placement specific ads. Ads placed on search result pages are called keyword targeted ads.

Placement specific ads can be paid for by either the number of views or pay per click. Keyword targeted ads are always billed based on the pay per click model. If you are unfamiliar with the term pay per click, this means that advertisers are only billed when their ad is clicked by a visitor.

This helps make the most of your advertising budget; this is especially welcome to small business owners. Google might display the ad very often, meaning a lot of exposure but the advertiser only pays when the ads are doing their job: getting visitors to their site.

You can choose to be billed in advance or later for your Adwords campaigns. Paying up front is the way to go if you are on a tight budget there are no surprises later and no blowing the budget.

You can do even more to control costs by setting a limit on how much may be spent on these ads per day, or per month. You will then not have more exposures or clicks per day then your budget will allow for, while allowing your ad to be out there at least a little every day.

Adwords comes with many tracking tools provided by Google which advertisers can employ to find out how effective their ads are for their business. One great way to maximize your return on investment is to make a few alternate versions of your ad and fine tune your copy based on the most effective keywords.

Besides being a great way to increase website traffic (and search engine ranking), Adwords are a valuable tool for tracking your advertising for maximum impact on your target market something every marketer and business owner wants.
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