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It Is Easy To Retire Early And Live Well

Jun 17, 2008
When Paul was diagnosed with hypertension at 35 years his doctor advised him to go easy on the job. His wife Jane was worried about his health and hence pestered him to retire early from his high profile job as a marketing manager with a multi national company.

Paul was not worried about money as he had saved enough for emergencies but did not know what he would do sitting at home. That is when he got a newsletter on his Email about internet marketing and multi level marketing. This kindled his interest and Paul began his research. Multi level marketing and internet marketing helps to retire early and live well as you can make millions from it.

Just about everyone dreams of early retirement and financial independence. With a little planning and determination, you too can retire early. A good goal to start with is roughly the amount that you would like to retire on each month, and to increase the amount that you save by 5% each year.

Time goes by quickly. If you start your savings plan now, you will enjoy the rewards sooner than you might think. It turns out that there are a lot of people who find a good bit of appeal in the money management ideas, but who, find not so much appeal in the idea of becoming old before their time.

They like the idea of winning their financial freedom early in life, but want to make use of their financial freedom in ways that permit them to continue enjoying the positive aspects of the work experience (of which there obviously are many) for many years to come. This is the perfect scenario to retire early and live well.

The rise of Internet marketing has given the small player an opportunity to retire early and live well. The great thing about Internet marketing is that one can directly access the target customer. This could be through emails to the specific customer or through leads on sites that this customer frequents.

Such methods also fall cheaper in the long run because one does not have to invest in a large sales force. Moreover, the exorbitant rates for billboard advertisements and television commercials are greatly reduced in the case of Internet marketing. The retire early and live well concept works here.

In multi level marketing your product is sold directly to the customer through a chain of people. Your client can join your sales team and sell for you and he in turn can get four of his friends or relatives who can not only purchase your product but also join the sales team. This way you can have two to three tiers of sales teams.

The beauty of Multi level marketing is you not only earn a commission from the sales you make, you also earn when every member of your team makes a sale. Imagine if you have ten people in your team and each of you make a sale you earn for what the other 9 sell also.

The best way to retire early and live well is through multi level marketing where others earn for you and make you rich.
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