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Internet Based Business : Marketing Secrets And Myths

Jun 17, 2008
When you are aiming at starting an internet based business, there are general marketing principles you should follow and I would like to expose them to you :
1. Select a very Targeted Niche, as it allows you to focus your efforts and energy on solving specific problems effectively. Then, create the product they want. They will have the money to buy it!
2. Remember : specialized information is the number 1 seller in the world...
3. Put yourself in your client's shoes : why should I buy this now? What's in it for me?
4. Selling is helping people make good decisions and sharing something with them;
5. Always bring Value and Overdeliver. Be Honest : this will build your reputation;
6. Build long-term, trustful relationships with your list of subscribers/customers. Engage a constant conversation with your market!
7. The first sale is always the most difficult and expensive in terms of time and money : people usually make a decision after having been exposed 5 times to an add!
8. Use multiple marketing strategies, starting with free or cheap ones, such as networking, social networks(Web 2.0), blogging, join-ventures,free publicity, (web)radio, press releases, affiliate programs, email newsletters or follow-up series, swapping newsletters adds;
9. Effective internet marketing is all about leveraging resources : spending minimal time and money
attracting maximum customers and profits;
10.Focus on how to get visibility, how to stay apart from the crowd. Nurture your Unique Selling Proposition :give people a valuable reason to visit your site and drive them there through a squeeze page where you entice them to give their information (name and email address).

How to stay ahead of your competition?:

1. Be focused on your market and what to offer it : stay tunes to it, have a two-way conversation
with it (web 2.0);
2. Have the attitude of wanting people to succed;
3. Select the people you will partner with;
4. Have a mentor, suround yourself with positive-thinking people. Be a learner and be coachable :constant Education is key;
5. Become a good Copywriter : everything you write out (emails, sales pages, newsletters, etc...)is your sales person 24/24 hour!
6. Use Effective communication : being the right person, communicating the right message, to the right audience,at the right time and in the right way. Offer people information that solve their problem and along making that promise, give them proof you will of reliable advice.
7. Treat your customers like a marriage relationship, building a sacred bond of trust. Inject personality your online communication.

How do you increase your conversion rates on your website? : There a few tactics to follow so as to turn your visitors in more paying customers :

1. Don't forget to ask for the sale;
2. Start with an affordable product : have a low risk of entry to come to you;
3. Create high value and an Experience for your visitors;
4. Ask yourself : "where would my visitors spend their time and money if not buying from me"?;
5. Use surveys to keep in touch with your market and list : know what keeps your visitors "awake and hot";
6. Use testimonials (written, audio, video).
7. Have a plan to increase your offer and trust (marketing funnel).

The myths about making money on the internet :

Myths about making money on the internet :

1. It's a get-rich-quick thing : False! : You must have a long-term vision and a Strategy to become successful;
2. Only a few people make money : False!: if only a few people get very rich, there is place for
everybody who is serious and hard-working. lots of people have a decent living thanks to their business;
3. You have to be a tech-expert : False! : you can either outsource/delegate, or learn one step at a time;you don't need to be an ingenieur to run your business!
4. Join-Ventures are difficult to set-up : False! : as in the off-line business, it's all about building mutual-benefit relationships;
5. Everybody needs to go on the web to make money : False! : having an off-line business still pays off and anyway, even with an internet-based business, you need to develop an off-line strategy.
6. You spend all the time at home, behind your creen : False! : as in any business, direct contacts with your customers is essential. Of course, you need a computer!
7. You need to be an expert : False! : if you need to Become one, you can definitively start by selling other people's product,interview experts and commit to constant learning.
8. the internet is an impersonal medium : False! : paradoxaly, the internet demands you communicate with hyper personality,as people respond much more favorably when they are feeling they are interacting with a real person.
9. Information products are great to sell : True ! No inventory, you can make good margins on them, and you get paid immediately without having to make big expenses beforehand. You don't need any employees, and and sell all over the world. You can run them on "autopilot" (you don't have to be physically there to make the money), doing the work one time and getting paid over and over. Add to that, that you can work from your home (no traffic rush-hours).This is your road to personal and financial freedom.

How do you become an expert? :

1. Set you apart from your competition;
2. Write articles, ebooks, eCourses, newsletters, contribute to forums, social networks and blogs, interview other experts (you will become one by association);
3. Use your past experiences (failures and successes) and Tell your story;
4. Talk on webradios, open a blog;
5. Use surveys and try to answer people's questions and find the information to solve their problem :be a problem-solver, a solution-driven guy!
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