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The Business Limitations to Entrepreneurialism

Jun 17, 2008
From the chancellor's perspective, entrepreneurialism is vital for the health of the economy. He needs individuals with bags of entrepreneurialism to drive forward business into new areas and to conquer internal / external markets.

Entrepreneurs innovate to improve their financial standing and in the process they have an impact on all of our lives and increase the tax revenues the country so desperately needs

Without this entrepreneurialism drive, business would struggle and new ideas would never get off the ground. Entrepreneurialism is, in a nutshell, the primary driving force behind our lives as we know it, and without it we would all be living in the dark ages.

But for all entrepreneurs to succeed there are a number of other factors that are required beyond great ideas to make new ventures successful.

One of the major limitations to entrepreneurialism and a business aptitude is money. As is always the case in any business, money is critical to success or failure, and no matter how skilled a businessman you may be, you need funding of some sort to get things off the ground. This may be with either personal funds or borrowed funds. Lack of financial support can drive any entrepreneur into the abyss. After all, without money, the best idea in the world will remain just that - an idea.

Another significant limitation to entrepreneurialism is the marketplace. Whether that's in the form of competition, under supply or over supply, the market dictates which ventures will succeed or fail. A good way around this is to initially examine the market you intend to enter and to conduct market research accordingly. Find out who else is operating in the market and what level of success they're enjoying and why.

Alternatively if you're going for a new product or innovation, it's crucial to uncover whether that's something that consumers needs or is likely to buy. Basing this on intuition alone is a simple way to making the wrong move in your new business venture, so make sure you invest the time and effort into getting this right.

Entrepreneurialism is no doubt important, crucially so, in the success of our economy. Without it, things would grind to a halt and employment would be significantly harder to come by. But there are other elements to business success that are of crucial importance; some of which more critical to success or failure than entrepreneurialism itself, such as proper funding and a willing /able market.

What all entrepreneurs seek is business success. They are all willing to take major risks with their capital. It is in the interest of the country and all of us that as many of these people succeed as possible in their new venture.

What the chancellor needs to do is to encourage entrepreneurs by putting in place policies that help newcomers with funding and market research. He needs to invest in education so that people with ambition can learn the new skills they need to drive their business forward. He needs to decrease red tape so that they can spend more time developing their business instead of filling in paperwork.
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