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Career Center: Encouraging Children And Adolescents To Explore

Jun 17, 2008
The question should be asked as to why today's system of education seems unable to produce quality, pedigreed professionals. An important realization is reached if one examines the core issues of this issue: there is the false notion that the essence of learning in our present system of education is unrelated to future fields of employment. This erroneous belief is a restraint preventing our educational system from obtaining its goals. There is an increasingly demonstrable need for career education, to ensure career orientation in our education system.

Let us take a look at whether career education is valuable. Present work profiles present information about potential career choices in ways that have so increased in complexity that they are practically impossible for today's youth to understand. Also, the pace of change of today's careers, and the knowledge required to undertake them, is a rapid one. Due to this complexity and rapid change, basic education is no longer proficient to provide the skills necessary for today's job market.

You need to tap a child's talent early on. You can do this by consulting his or her school's career center and visiting the counselors there. The professionals at a career center specialize in matching an adolescent's unique skills and desires with current professions, and can help him or her map out a growth plan focused on the future.

You should consider that children can change their minds frequently and for very small reasons. The decision a small child makes about what they will do for a living is likely to change. It is still important to let the child gain experiences and give them information about different occupations so they can ultimately train for and have their dream job.

A child needs to talk to adults who can give good career advice. A career center can be beneficial in this area. Experts from the community can speak at the center and talk about their own career successes. This will help the child determine the right career choice.

Finally, make sure that your child or teenager starts considering possible careers early on. Involve them in career center activities; by doing this, you encourage them to explore new ideas, question them, and come to their own conclusions. The career center exists to stimulate young minds, not to present them canned options.

Let's examine the case for career education. Knowledge has grown in complexity and it is impossible to introduce adolescents to all the knowledge being used in present work profiles. Moreover, the pace at which professions and associated knowledge is changing is overwhelming. Basic education can't hone the talent required to perform the jobs in today's world. You should be looking early to tap potential talent. This tapping can be accomplished by counselors at the school career center, who can match both skills and hopes of students with current career choices. The professionals can provide career advice to help map out a plan that focus on attaining the desired career.
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