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Discover Fast Video Article Marketing Strategies That Drive Traffic and Dramatically Build Your List

Jun 18, 2008
Looking to generate traffic to your website? There are many options available and some come and go depending on the whims of the internet market and some of the key players who decide what's popular and what's not. Today one of the most powerful strategies for attracting traffic is video marketing.

However when it comes to making video you have many options and you can create from scratch or use what you have to repurpose them for your current needs. To aid and stimulate your thinking, here are a number of ways to use video marketing to market your business in a publicity or marketing campaign.

-Take the articles you have that are more paragraph oriented and develop an article and repurpose them to a video article.

-Take all your step by step articles and turn them into instructional videos. Expand on each bullet to make sure the user understands what each bullet means.

-Create short video overviews about your products and tie the whole suite together with a product portfolio overview.

-If you provide service, develop a mini service demonstration showing how your product works in a specific situation.

-Develop a press release and include a video links that demonstrates additional points beyond what is written.

-Next time you perform a presentation, create a short video snippet of your presentation and post them at your site.

-Create detailed step by step demonstrations such as how to videos of your product.

-Develop deep interest in you as an author and construct short little videos that discuss portions of your Book or eBooks.

-Develop a video overview of your website. Walk the site page by page and deliver a detail explanation using a screen-capture software program.

-Shoot video of your next business event and submit the video to your website and to the media.

-Submit a video to local newspapers, TV and see if they host it on your website.

-Use video on a one-page sales letter as it is powerful selling tool and it can close the sale while you sleep.

-Generate many, many leads and pull traffic by posting them to a video site like YouTube.

-Start a new product or services and develop a video blog on a specific subject.

-Many sites have advanced pay per click to pay per play video. So now yu can get pay while others watch.

-Enhance your affiliate business and make it more personal by developing a video as an affiliate instruction tool.
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