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Phrases Not to Use for Finding Work at Home Jobs

Jun 18, 2008
When people start considering working at home they will most likely start by looking on the internet by using search engines. This is a great way to find work at home positions, but only if you know the right phrases to use. There actually are some phrases not to use for finding work at home jobs.

If you've ever searched for anything on the major search engines, you know that using a keyword phrase will help narrow down the results to you get. The results will also be more targeted. Hopefully they'll provide you with the information you need.

Most people will head over to their favorite search engine and type a phrase into the search box.

These are some phrases not to use: Work at home opportunity or work at home opportunities - Obviously you're interested in work at home opportunities. If you have to use either of these phrases, additional information will improve your chances of finding what you want. Try children's toys work at home opportunity if you would like to sell children's toys.

Work from home job or work from home jobs - Again, the phrases are too generic. You'll receive too many hits to find what you want. Daycare work from home jobs will be more targeted and will provide you with fewer results.

Work at home job or work at home jobs - This phrase is too similar to the above pair. You may actually end up receiving the results from the above phrases along with the ones for these phrases. Graphic artist work at home jobs will provide more specific results than you will get with phrases that are not targeted.

When you type these phrases in the search box, you'll have well over a million hits to sort through to find the work at home job of your dreams. Do you have any idea how long it would take you to go through that many search results? Let's just say it would take a long time.

You may find legitimate companies using the above keyword phrases, and they may even have success finding people. You don't want to take a chance, though. You'll do better finding what you're looking for if you choose a more specific keyword phrase. Try some of these instead:

Virtual employee or virtual assistant positions - The word "virtual" is a much more targeted phrase when looking for online work. You can find companies that hire virtual employees or tell you how to become a virtual employee. If you can be even more specific in your search, your chances of finding what you want will increase dramatically.

Telecommuting or telecommuter - These words actually denote working from home without having to say so. They more aptly express the fact that you would like to work for a company but would like the opportunity to work out of your home, either full-time or part-time.

Freelance work or freelancer - These words also mean something specific. They usually refer to writers, artists, graphic artists, or something of that nature. People searching for freelance work do not want to work as employees, but want to be entirely independent.

Of course, the more specific you can be in your keyword search engine phrase, the better off you'll be. If you are interested in freelance accounting jobs, use that keyword phrase. The phrases not to use for finding work at home jobs aren't bad choices in and of themselves, they're just not as effective as others you could use.
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