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Do You Want To Decide How Many Affiliate Checks You Want?

Jun 18, 2008
Affiliate marketing simplifies the business process of making money on the internet. It is an income sharing business alliance between the merchant who supplies the products or services and the affiliate who agrees to promote them. The affiliate does not have the hassles of storing stock or customer deliveries.

There are three main systems for paying affiliates. A merchant is more likely to offer a commission for each sale to inexperienced affiliates because the merchant knows that they will not be paying for low quality leads. When an affiliate has brought a lot of customers to the merchant's site, they may be able to negotiate a Pay-per-click or Pay-per-lead arrangement. This should bring more stability to the affiliate's income because they are no longer relying on the merchant to close the sale.

The affiliate marketer who successfully promotes their chosen affiliate programs, bringing lots of highly targeted traffic to the merchant's site, can earn good income from those programs. Success can be achieved without the need to have your own website. The main disadvantages of not having your own website are:-

1. You will mostly have to promote your affiliate programs separately, especially with the free forms of online marketing, such as leaving comments on blogs and forums. Each of these sites have their own rules and most will not allow you to leave more than one link. So that is only one program you can promote at a time. This seriously divides your results if you are promoting multiple programs.

2. You can not take advantage of the best free form of traffic of all which is search engine traffic. You would be restricted to paid listings on search engines and this is becoming more expensive for popular keyword phrases.

Setting up your own website overcomes these challenges. You can promote your website with one link to your home page which can have separate links to all of your affiliate programs. If the programs you are promoting follow the same theme, then you are getting maximum results from your promoting by offering your customers choices within that theme.

If you consistently promote your website with methods that the search engines notice, then over time your website will rise in the search engine rankings. If your long term goal is to receive large volumes of highly targeted free traffic to your site, then this is the strategy for you. It takes time and usually you do not see good results until you are on the first page on the major search engines.

The best bonus of all is that your own website gives you credibility. If you buy your own domain name and promote yourself on your website, then you will be seen as an authority on the programs. You will be seen as a serious internet marketer.

You can decide how many quality affiliate programs you want to promote, too many can look tacky. You can make a decision on whether you should include Adsense, which would give you another revenue stream. If you back these decisions with working hard and smart then effectively, you make the decision on how many affiliate checks you want to receive.
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