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Spywares bothering you? Not if you know them!

Jun 18, 2008
In the virtual universe that the internet is, just like the real universe, good things can be bad. It all depends on how they are used.

Spywares actually started with good intentions. If a site owner understands the user of the website better, the site can respond accordingly so that his or her experience with the site can be more pleasing with little effort from the user. This can be a good thing since it makes the visit experience more natural.

Spyware, however, shows its evil face when it is overused in that respect and worse, is misused with bad intentions. Instead of trying to enhance the user's site experience, private, financial data is stolen and sent out. The goal of the spyware has moved instead to stealing private information.

When the internet or the virtual universe boomed in the mid to late 90's so did spywares. Evil intentioned programmers started to flood the internet with spywares and malwares that it becomes necessary for any user to be aware of the hazards. Because the info stolen often results in monetary loss, sometimes in huge amounts.

Anti spywares boomed as a result. They are the good soldiers in the virtual battlefield, finding and destroying the spywares. Since anti spywares are created by coordinated and informed programmers in large corporations, they are usually successful in fighting spywares which are usually created by uncoordinated, isolated groups of programmers.

However as the situation evolved, the later spywares were created by more coordinated and planned programmers and these became major hazards. Moreover a spyware can cause damage the moment it is released to the internet while the anti spywares need to be aware of them and have a good strategy before combating them successfully.

Eventually, with the advent of spywares acting like anti spywares, the greatest hazard is created. The evil but skillfull programmers make these especially difficult to fight againts. The innocent internet users stand only to suffer the most.

That is why it pays to really understand spywares and malwares as you enter the virtual universe. No matter what firewalls or antispywares measures you have, it is bound to be broken at some point by newer spywares. And for the layman, this is especially important because you need to wade through the technical jargons to know what the real threat is. Unless you understand and take appropriate measures, you will be damaged at one point in time.
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With so much happening on the computer and the internet, it pays to know the virtual universe well. Visit so much computer .info site for a wide variety of current topics on computers. How to to fight real spyware in layman terms are covered too.
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