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Four Steps To Business Success

Aug 17, 2007
In this short article you may learn to fashion tools by which you may build for yourself and insure that your work-at-home business is the success you always dreamed of.

If you wish to change the conditions of your home based business you first must make a small change in yourself. The self-made millionaires for the last hundred years have proven that making small changes in their thinking habits made a world of difference in their ability to accumulate wealth and money. Their bank accounts verify this is a true statement! This is the secret to their success.

Your ambitions for wealth and success may have been thwarted at every step, because your inner thoughts (including worry and fears) will find expression just as certainly as an acorn falls from the old oak tree.

Suppose you're tired of working hard with little money in return and you desire to change that condition.

How can you encourage even more success and start making money in your small business or home based business?

The answer may be a simple change in ...how you expect the universe (life, people, customers) to respond to your inner thoughts. All this happens below the surface of conscious thought.

If you'd like the full story on using the subconscious mind to achieve riches there is an e-book: "Triple Your Home Based Income... By Using Two Secret Words." It works for big business, small business, and just as well as for the work-at-home based business. This wealth and success manual helps you figure out why "working hard" doesn't always bring in the desired wealth.

Have you seen the 175-page prosperity study course published in 1912 (that sold for $1500 in those days) and it has made hundreds of multi-multi millionaires? It is still worth its price although you can sometimes find it for free.

Life Responds To Your Inner Feelings

What if you were expecting the very best growth for the seeds (investments) you planted for your business? It is similar to planting seeds for the summer garden. You have faith that 90% of the seeds will germinate and grow. The plants will look like the pictures on the package. All the seeds need to grow is fertilized soil, water and sun light. With a little weeding the law of growth is alive and well. Your garden will flourish!

Four Steps To Business Success

All you need for the growth and success of your small business (home based or outside the home) is to hold in mind the condition desired: affirm it as AN ALREADY EXISTING FACT. You are planting the seeds of greatness for your project. Hold the picture in mind of what it will look like when completed. Feel the success in every bone of your body.

Repeat the success steps (constantly):
1. Hold in your mind the condition desired
2. Affirm it as already existing
3. Hold the picture of what it will look like when completed
4. Feel the feeling of success in every bone of your body

Your outer reality is the outer picturing of your thoughts, beliefs, opinions, judgments, and habits of thinking ...plus the powerful subconscious mind making it all happen - good or bad. In other words - inner thoughts are the building blocks of your outer reality (physical world). Think about pulling in the mind pictures of a successful small business.

Monitor your thoughts and expectations for even greater success in your home based business while seeing (picturing) thousands of dollars pouring into your pockets and bank account.

Have fun on your journey into outrageous success. You can do it!
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