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Video Marketing the Face of Trust

Jun 18, 2008
Video is making a sizeable impact in trust marketing. When you take the time to put together an auto-run video marketing message with a firm (but not forceful) call to action the visitor can experience a personal touch in your marketing message.

The first use of personal messages in online marketing was in the form of text, which remains the dominant communications device today. Then came an audio message. Originally this was a complicated issue for some users simply because the audio message either could not be heard because they had no speakers or it took too long to download for users with dialup. Most were hitting the back button before the audio could be heard.

This obviously slowed down any real possibility of using video for marketing. As more and more users upgraded to high-speed Internet service the possibilities exploded as it became so much easier to download voice and video through the web.

Let's say you've got a popular online marketing product. You can use one example of how your product works in a dramatized recreation of a scenario and how your product was used to resolve the conflict in purchasing and resulted in greater sales and happier consumers.

You can use your video to talk about the statistics associated with your marketing product and you can invite guest testimonials to share their experience using your product. This can be done as you work to guide your visitor through the key elements of your program and why they would benefit from using your product.

Essentially your would develop a pointed online infomercial that markets your product and gives visitors a chance to stick around a little bit longer.

This isn't to say that you can't make progress without video marketing, but in a highly visual society the integration of video on your website can help you come to terms with a better way to reach out to customers and gain their trust.

Of course your efforts could also backfire if you don't come across as natural to visitors. If everything seems staged and disingenuous then the potential customer may be inclined to exit quickly.

If you need help you could hire professionals to come in to produce the clip. You could also consider talking with the professor of a local college visual arts program. They would likely have gifted students who would be happy to earn some money for something they already love to do. Chances are their work will far exceed your expectations.

You can also use your video to help guide visitors to extra features on your site so they can gain the full range of tools and information you make available.

I mentioned earlier in this article that you should make a firm, but not forceful call to action in your video. Lead your customer to the point where they need to click on a link to move them to the next step. Not all of them will, but you'd be surprised how many will click if for no other reason than they are curious.

Video marketing can give a face to your online business. Maybe it's time to put your best face forward.
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