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5 Ways To Get Low Cost Traffic

Jun 18, 2008
There is only one tough and fast rule which can generate income for your website. The process is to get a steady flow of website traffic. If there are no visitors to your site then you do not get a chance to make any income. Many sites did this and failed which ultimately led to its demise. You will have to spend some money to maintain your income generating site and also to make money. But you need not spend your fortune to maintain a money generating site.

Swap Links: - This is a certain and proven technique. Seldom have you come across a site that has no link to other sites. Many webmasters are now into the mode of exchanging links with one another. This would bring more public awareness about their sites. This will fetch more traffic to your site from other sites.

A most important condition in interchanging links with other sites is that your site must also have the same function or content as the one which whom you are exchanging. You should share a common subject so that there is continuity in service and information providing to the target traffic.

Exchanging links will also improve your possibility of getting a soaring rank in search engine outcome. Search engine ranks the websites according to inbound and outbound theme related links. If you can get into the top rankings of the search engines then you can generate more traffic with little costs.

Traffic substitution: - Exchanging links on a different and higher level is traffic exchange. This is a bit more costly than link exchange. Once you start earning credits this mode also becomes cheaper. With the help of credits you can view other sites and when someone views your site you earn credit.

Viewing others site or pages are known as traffic exchange services. Both sites involved are benefited. Traffic can be generated for both sites. When a visitor visits the site to which your site is exchanged your sites existence is boosted.

Write and submit articles:- You can write your own contents or even you can hire free lancers who are ready to do the service for a small fee. If you can devote time write your own and save the little cost as well.

Articles should match the subject matter of your site. You will have to write on subjects on which you possess knowledge. When visitors read the article they will come to know that you have good knowledge and will be tempted to visit your site.

You will have to include a resource box finally so that the visitors are linked to your site. Provide some information about yourself and your site. If you have information and interesting article visitors will surely visit your site for more.

Newsletter:- As your newsletter passes around your site comes to the public awareness. This helps in building up regular visitors to your site.

Connect with Online Communities:- You can link with online communities and forums. Your knowledge and expertise can be shared with online communities.
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