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50 Headline Templates For Your Articles or Blog Posts

Jun 18, 2008
Writing articles is one of the greatest ways to bring visitors to your website. But a lot of marketers are just not to good at writing proper headlines for their articles.

This is a real shame too, considering the headline is the most important part of any article! If no one is captivated by your headline, you can forget about them reading your article, not to mention your all-important bio line at the end that leads to your website and subscription form!

Here are 50 headline templates you can use to get people reading your articles...

1. How to Turn (problem) Into a (benefit)

2. How to (accomplishment) in (time frame)

3. How to (accomplishment) by (doing something)

4. How to Get (goal) From (something common)

5. How to Start ...

6. How to Have ...

7. How to Improve Your ...

8. How to Make (something or someone) Do (something)

9. How to Get Free (product/program/service)

10. (problem), How to Fix It

11. How an Unexpected (event) Changed My (situation)

12. How an Uninformed (person/action) Made a Fortune in (business type)

13. How I (accomplishment) in (time frame)

14. How I (accomplishment) by Doing (something unexpected)

15. How I Improved My (situation)

16. How You Can (action) in the Next (time frame)

17. Get Rid of Your (problem) Forever

18. Buy No (product type) Till You've Seen (product)

19. Dare to Be ...(promise)

20. Read This and (promise)

21. Read This and (threat)

22. Do You Make These Mistakes in ...?

23. Want To Be (better condition)?

24. Here Are (products), Which (#) Do You Want Free?

25. Are You Ever (problem)?

26. Should You (something your prospect is thinking about doing)?

27. Secrets of (some kind of expert)

28. What Never Ever to (common chore/action)

29. The Truth About ...

30. What You Should Know About ...

31. The One Sensible Way to ...

32. What Every (person) Should Know

33. Why ...

34. Are You ...?

35. Are You Ashamed of (problem)?

36. The Secret of ...

37. What It Takes to ...

38. What Everybody Ought to Know About This (business type)

39. Little Known Ways to (benefit)

40. The Secret of (accomplishment)

41. The Wrong Way and the Right Way to (do something)

42. When Experts (failure/problem), This is What They Do

43. What Makes...?

44. (problems), Which Do You Want to Overcome?

45. Tired of (problem)?

46. (#) Ways to (promise)

47. (#) Ways to Avoid (problem)

48. (#) Ways to Beat (problem)

49. (#) Steps to ...

50. (#) Ways to ...

Again, writing articles is one of the greatest ways to bring visitors to your website, if not the best way!

The better you get at writing proper headlines for your articles, the more people will read the entire article, and eventually your all-important bio line at the bottom that leads to your website and sign up form.

These 50 headline templates should give you some great ideas for writing some new articles or improving some you already have.
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