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Review of the 7 Figure Secrets - Just Released

Jun 18, 2008
The 7 Figure Secrets report has finally been released. And here's my take on it.

There's a mad rush to get access to the information, especially as it's all to do with Mike Filsaime. He only has to say the word and success is instant at this stage. With that said I'd like to share some things I think you should know before you follow the hype and are sucked in.

The report is called "The 7 Figure Secrets" and it's a physical product that'll be shipped to your front door. And the cost?

$7.99, or $11.99 to other countries. And that's just the shipping. The 7 Figure Secrets itself is free. Mike says he was going to sell that report for $297, but decided to share it for free. Why?

You see if you offer enough value to a customer before he puts his/her hand in their pocket, they'll come back again and again. Even more so if what you're offered helps you make money or improves your business in some way.

Will this report help you?

Yes and no.

Lets look at the 'No' first:

First of all the book itself is 84 pages long. Now that's not huge by any stretch of the imagination. But there are a lot of folks out there who will get this information and will just put the book on the shelf to gather dust. And for those who do read the information, well lets just say this word: Action.

Lack of action is one of the biggest killers of any business. I mean, I've been there where I bought lots of information products. But I didn't take action. So I failed miserably for years. What has changed? Here's that word again: Action. I took action.

In these cases you're better off avoiding more information and just begin to focus on what you already know. As a matter of fact, look through all your information products. Then just choose one or two to focus on. Put the rest back on the shelf. And take action on the one or two you've chosen. Okay?

Oh, and one more thing -

If you're an experienced marketer, then this information you most likely already know. However, it is a great way to read and revise what you're doing and you may find that you gain more ideas as a result.

Let's look at the 'Yes' now:

Because of the ideal length of this report, it easily digestible and useful. But just like above, stick with this book and leave all others alone until you're satisfied you have used it to help your business. And that word again:


When you get your ideas, then just do it - one at a time.

If you're an inexperienced marketer, then this will be an ideal read for you. It's all laid out in a methodical way. Just read, understand and implement in your own business as much as possible.

The thing that gets me about the 7 Figure Secrets offer is one of the bonuses. It's the 18 Full Color Process Map Blueprints. This is, to me, the most valuable part of this package. You're getting 18 full color blueprints for different aspects of your business. Blueprints are an asset to your business.

Although you may not follow these blueprints exactly, you may use them to adapt to your own business and create your own business plans and blueprints. What this bonus is doing for you is to guide you in your thinking and set you up so that you're not doing all the work. In other words, you not working for your business. Instead, your business is working for you.

There are two other bonuses that come with the 7 Figure Secrets report:

* The Butterfly Marketing Manuscript - Value: $97
* Free Issue - MarketingDotCom Magazine - Value: $29.95

People pay to read the Butterfly Marketing Manuscript. 120 pages long. It goes through 'Success' case studies that'll help you identify with people that have gone from nothing to success. And it will help you with marketing your business on the internet.

MarketingDotCom Magazine will issue to you free for one issue only. It contains articles are written by Mike FIlsaime and his crew. It goes into tips and tricks relative to marketing your business online.

But, is there a catch?

Yes there is a catch. And this is the catch (or catches) -

First of all, when you sign up, you're getting a free issue of MarketingDotCom Magazine. However, you're going to get more issues. Every month as a matter of fact. Only thing is, you'll pay for this each month. Once you give your credit card details for the shipping of the 7 Figure Secrets report, your credit card will then be billed monthly for further issues of this magazine.

Is this a bad thing?

In my opinion - no.

Because Mike clearly indicated that you will be billed. He highlights a support telephone number to cancel your subscription, before you card is even charged. I thought it important to point this out to you as a lot of people don't read through the copy properly and end up not knowing why their credit card bill is so high.

Another thing is that when you sign up, you're going to get some one time offers. You don't have to avail of them. However, it's up to you. You might decide that what is offered is something you want for your business.

So now you know. You're going in with your eyes wide open and know what to expect.

With that said, do I recommend getting the 7 Figure Secrets Report?

Absolutely Yes.

Mike knows that by offering you very high value for nothing (except the shipping costs), and if you succeed using that information, you will most likely become a customer of his. If not now, maybe further down the road.

Whether you choose to get the 7 Figure Secrets report, or not, I wish you luck in all your business endeavors now and in the future. At least now you know what to expect from the 7 Figure Secrets report.
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Anthony Farrell helps people with their own businesses to market on the internet, detailing valuable resources for your business and how best to set up your business so you don't have to work for your business. Instead let your business work for you. Full review of The 7 Figure Secrets here.
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