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How to Research and Produce a Profitable eBook

Jun 18, 2008
For well over the past 5 years eBooks have been selling like wildfire and as far as I can see this trend will continue for a few years yet. But how do you research a topic for your ebook to become profitable?

Of course you can hire someone to research and even write your eBook for you but let me tell you now that nobody will do it better than you. Because if you have the passion and desire to write and profit from an eBook that enthusiasm is what will make it a best seller.

You will have done a lot of research already when deciding upon the niche market you are in now, so dig out your research notes and remind yourself of the reasons you chose that particular market. One of those reasons will be the topic of your eBook or at least something very closely associated with it.

The thing your eBook topic must have is longevity, long term appeal to a wide audience and the longer and wider the better. There is no point in working hard on producing your eBook, or any other product cone to that, and it has gone out of fashion with a couple of months.

There are several ways of checking if your topic is popular or not. I find the easiest and fun way is to visit Amazon.com and check out the best sellers in your niche category and if there are several books on or connected to your topic then you are on to a winner. It is also worth checking out the appearance and cost of each book, that way when you come to promote your own eBook you will already know the price people are prepared to pay and whether a fancy looking cover makes any difference to their choice.

Other ways to check out your topic popularity is to test out key words and key word phrases with the search engines and keyword search tools such as WordTracker to compare your words and phrases with those that your future customers are actually searching for.

The trick is to combine your topic which will be what people need, and the keywords and phrases people are typing into the search engines. If you can get that combination right you will be well on your way to success. But whatever you do remember that the internet is the information highway and your eBook will not be the only one out there.

For your eBook to be a real success it must contain information people cannot easily find anywhere else other than in your eBook. That is why it is so vital that you do the keyword, key phrase research mentioned earlier and check out who your competition will be and what they are offering your potential customers.

In a nutshell then, to produce a profitable eBook you must find the niche market, discover what it is that market wants and needs, check out your competition and see what they are Not Providing and provide it.
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