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Jun 18, 2008
Many businesses are allowing some employees to telecommute, or work from home. The congress even passed legislation forcing some government agencies to let workers telecommute. Funding for these agencies will decrease if they don't comply.

There are lots of jobs that can be done at home. If you can show your boss how it benefits the company, you have a good chance to get him to let you work at home. Monitoring productivity is usually the greatest concern your boss will have.

If you want to make this change you need to convince your boss that you can be productive. Show them that you can get the work done. If you can do that, you have a good chance to start saving gas.

Another option is to start your own business from home. You can offer businesses the services you provided your old employer. There are lots of work opportunities for skilled office people.

Handling phone calls is a common home based job that companies outsource. Customer service, and taking orders are a couple of things that you might do if you are answering the phones. If you're good on the phone, this can be a way to go.

Small businesses need accounting work done. They don't have enough work to hire full time accountants, so they will hire outside the company. As a skilled accountant you can help a few companies at once, and develop a nice business this way.

Secretarial work can be done from home also. Many small businesses are run from home now. They don't have any space for a secretary, but still could use one.

Another type of work businesses will outsource is clerical work. Companies need various types of writing assignments done. You can handle the writing needs for a few small businesses to create a nice income.

Helping companies do their billing is another home based career. There might be some software and training to get started. Once you know the work, you can take over this problem for companies.

Businesses need to be flexible. Committing to too many employees can be restricting. By outsourcing a lot of work you remain flexible. You can change your workforce quickly, without having to fire people.

With high speed internet, communication and transferring data is lightning fast. This has made telecommuting possible. This often benefits both the owners and the workers.
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