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Make Your Marketing Stand Out From The Crowd

Aug 17, 2007
As I browse (or rather delete) my way through my in-box each day, it always amazes me how many emails and article I receive telling me how to do Internet Marketing, build a list, develop a website - and a whole host of Internet related topics that, frankly, go right over my head. Sometimes these products are accompanied by such a host of other up-sells that you would be hard-pushed to find time to read them all, let alone take action.

Yes, I'm interested in building a business, and I know that I need some Internet skills, but as to products, the choice is overwhelming. And more to the point, if I purchase an Internet type product and try to sell it on, within 24 hours my in-box is full of messages from other people all trying to sell me the product I'm trying to sell them. It's all rather incestuous, and no wonder I've never made more than a few dollars trying to sell such products. The market saturates rapidly, and before the week is out, people are giving the products away as free gifts!

Of course, the other, more important, problem is that these products have limited appeal beyond the home business market. For instance, your average Jane Public is only likely to be interested in building an email list for her Christmas cards, so why would you waste your time trying to sell her list-building software?

Now that's not to say women aren't interested in business, just that MOST women are not. Of the group of ten women I meet regularly, only one (me) runs her own business. I have tried to interest the others in business, but they just don't want to know. Anyway, I digress slightly.

The very basic point I want to make is that to have a viable business on-line (and off-line) you need to offer products to a targeted audience. Give the people what they want.

What is without doubt is that both men and women now regularly turn to the Internet as a source of information and research. Even people without a PC will visit the library or an Internet cafe to look something up. The demand for information on real-life subjects is mind-boggling.

Obviously it's impossible to satisfy all information requests, so specialisation is necessary, but one of the most sought after categories of information is health and fitness information. It makes sense if you think about it. We all have a body to look after, and even those who are rather neglectful of their bodies have families who may have health challenges.

In fact those who neglect their bodies can be an extremely good source of information seekers. Overture.com reports that the term "weight loss" alone was searched (through the popular search engines) nearly one million times last month, and there's literally no end in site. The Health and Wellness industry is one of the biggest money spenders online and it's a market that will only grow.

Now I'm NOT talking about the spam emails that pop into my inbox selling all sorts of dubious prescription products. While feeling that the perpetrators of such rubbish are despicable, I also feel that anyone who buys from those sources deserves what they get.

I am talking about people who go online looking for information on serious subjects, such as allergies, improving memory, insomnia, and a whole host of other topics.

In short Jane Public, and many others like her, may have every interest in building self-esteem, or stopping smoking. And Joe Public is probably more interested in building muscles than in building a web-site.

So if you want to stand out from the crowd, stop trying to sell the same old Internet Marketing products to each other. Look for something different, and you will increase your target audience, therefore your customers and your profits.

While there is a surfeit of Internet Marketing products, some better than others, good quality information is more difficult to find and extremely time-consuming to produce. Having produced one product of my own I can vouch for that, but good sources of ready-made articles do exist.

If you would like to break free of the Internet Products spiral, consider marketing Health Information instead. This will provide you with a vast audience of serious prospects who are already looking for your products.
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Joy Healey runs her own complementary therapy business, and has access to a huge amount of material to satisfy the growing demand for Mind, Body and Soul information. Click here to see how you can too.
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