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Learn Copywriting in Five Steps

Jun 18, 2008
Learning to write good advertising copy is a worthwhile endeavor, whether you are a business owner looking to write better ads, or desire a freelance writing career. It's an ability that is sure to help you in many areas of your business.

Some ideas to for you to consider as you are working to become skilled at copywriting:

1. Take a formal copywriting course. There are many courses available, both by mail order and internet-based. Check out the programs by AWAI, Ray Edwards' Web Copywriting Explained, and Breakthrough Copywriting by Michel Fortin and David Garfinkel. Other excellent courses exist as well. Just make sure those teaching actually know what they are talking about.

2. You can hire a mentor to teach and guide you. This is a major investment in time and money, but is a decision many copywriters make. However, this doesn't necessarily have to be the case if you don't want it to be, as many successful business owners have learned the skill of copy on their own.

3. Simply study good marketing and advertising and model successful ads. Any good copywriting does this all the time. Be on the lookout for advertising that emotionally engages you, and do your best to dissect the ad and figure out why it works.

4. Build your own swipe file. A swipe file is a collection of ads that copywriters use for inspiration and to model their own ads. You should save ads out of magazines, newspapers, web pages, direct mail, or anywhere else you find them. In addition, you can purchase books with hundreds of examples of effective ads and this can be a very quick and easy way to get access to these examples.

5. Learn by experience. We learn it best by doing, as with anything in life. An effective ad is one people respond favorably to, so find ways to inexpensively test the waters. It is pretty easy to advertise on the internet. An example is that you can promote products as an affiliate and let people know about it through pay per click ads with Yahoo, Google, or MSN.

There's also Craigslist, eBay, and local classified newspapers.

The most important aspect is to keep at it all the time. Read well-written copy, write, and check out what works.
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