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Newsletters: How to use one with your business

Jun 19, 2008
Getting someone with a need to know like and trust you is purpose of all marketing. Therefore all our marketing efforts should support one of those causes.

Newsletters can help create product evangelists by building a bond with your product users. Newsletters represent independent and niche viewpoints, often untainted by the pressure of corporate sponsors. One of the reasons many newsletters work is that people read them-no small feat when one considers the typical mail volume at most businesses.

You want customers to know as much about your products and services and your firm as they possibly can? Newsletters are the best place to announce company-wide events, such as holiday parties, ski trips, picnics, raffles, etc. Newsletters are great advertising means, and efficient reminders. They can be used for nurturing or interest capturing tools as supplements to other marketing efforts.

E-newsletter marketing is very cheap and has proven to be very successful for those who do it right. Properly designed, newsletters are the only marketing tool that can simultaneously: 1. contact customers with news and valuable information, 2. provide new leads, 3. position you as the local market expert and 4. nurture leads until they are ready to buy If you use an online newsletter, it will allow you to maintain a relationship with your customers and supporters that has residual value far beyond their visits to your website.

What kind of content goes in your newsletter, really depends on what your objective is. If you take the time to create useful content your list and readership will grow year after year. It is important to point out that your content should be targeted to your ideal prospects' preferences and reading style. One of the best ways to determine their style and preferences it to ask them. In fact, some newsletters will include a fair percentage of content derived from reader feedback.

There are a few options for content generation. The first and least expensive is to write it yourself. If you are not a prolific writer or don't have the time, consider hiring a ghost writer. Another insider tip is to interview a subject matter expert and use the transcripts to create an article. You can also do a 'how to' article that explains in detail how to do something.

The frequency of your newsletter can vary greatly from once a week to once a month, depending on the production time and the nature of your business. More than once a week is too much.

Designing for users who scan rather than read is essential for a newsletter's survival. Just as a magazine has a certain look that appeals to its subscribers, so must your e-mail newsletter. Make sure your newsletter design is easy on the eyes--use highly contrasting colors to avoid having the colors blur together.
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