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After You Choose Your Business, Stop Looking Around

Jun 19, 2008
If this scenario has not happened to you, you either haven't been trying to get something going online for very long, or you did your homework first.

You get on your computer and go surfing for the latest and greatest business opportunity-- the sure thing that will make you rich. Filling in form after form, you give out your email, name, and phone number too many times to remember, and soon, your phone is ringing and your mailbox is packed. You see even more home businesses than you knew existed. A few of them look pretty good on the surface, so you fill out more forms. Then, you check your mailbox, and are sure you are getting email from everyone in the universe. Either out of desperation or fear of missing out again, you pick one, give them your hard earned money, put your name on the wonderfully unique replicated company website, and wait impatiently for the money to pour in. And wait. And wait some more. Finally, out of the frustration and boredom from zero website visits, you start looking all over again. Sound familiar?

Continually surfing the net for your next business opportunity before you have gotten the one you are on up and going, is a sure sign you are not in the right business. If you aren't happy with the company, the products, the pay plan, or the training, it's time to move on. This time, be sure you are making the right choice. Don't make your decision about which business to join without doing all of your homework first. If you don't have a concrete set of guidelines that your business has to meet, you will be tossed to and fro by the hype more than by how the opportunity fits you and your situation.

For help in setting up your guidelines, read my four part series entitled "Evaluating an Online Business-- Things You Should Know..." (The video version has made its way around the Internet. YouTube is a good choice.) It will give you some guidelines for developing your own checklist, and how to stick with what you want. If you choose the correct business for you to start with, the time you are surfing the net now for another business will be spent building the business you have. Once you start a business, stick with it and give it your full attention. You will not be successful if you don't actually work at it, and you will not actually work it unless you have taken the time to find the correct business for you.

Take the time to decide what a business should provide you, and you will be far less inclined to listen to what a business provides, and way more inclined to find a opportunity that suits you.
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Trying to find a good and reliable home business or mlm? Don't risk getting scammed. Read Jack Beddall's insightful series of articles about things you need to know to evaluate any Internet opportunity.
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