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Can You Start an Online Business With No Money?

Jun 19, 2008
Want to start an online business but have no cash? I often see when sufing around forums internet marketers who have a deep desire to make the big bucks and be successful like Joe Vitale, Terry Dean and the other top names in the web marketing business.

But being new to the game, many don't know how to start an online business, or have studied but just don't have the cash they feel is need to build one.

To run any business online you of course will cost a little money for web hosting and a domain name. But hosting can be found free with ads and domain names cost around $5. I will show you some things here to help you build your own product and market it for $0.

You will want to switch to paid hosting, which is usually about $20 a month (to get rid of the ads) to be more professional to your customers as soon as you start making some advertising money you can invest some back into your business.

One of the first, and really the most important things in your business plan is make a list of your skills. What kind of skills have you picked up over the years? You pick up skills just going through your daily life.

You may know more than one language. Or, you may have specific knowledge about a particular subject you picked up at work. Maybe your hobbies, such as fishing.

Look over you list of knowledge and skills and pick some that you know other people are interested in. For example, say you like bowling so much you wish you could just be a pro bowler for a living.

Use your knowledge and tips to write an ebook you can sell on a bowling website. Best of all, you are the expert so you do all the writing and research and cost, zero dollars.

Take for another example, my latest ebook #1 on Google in 2 Days. I have been internet marketing for 5 years and have expertise in this niche.

When an article of mine jumped to the top of Google, quickly beating out all competition, I analyzed what I exactly had done and made a step by step book of it. Then I made a free download page giving it away to help grow my email list.

And the best part is it was free, I just supplied my knowledge. To actually make the product I did use my Adobe and Snag-it programs. But, you can find similar programs free on the internet. If not a friend probably has programs you could use to build it.

Even if you have very little money to start an online business, one of your first options could be to raise some money using the existing knowledge you have in a particular field.

You can teach things learned at work, or through your hobbies, or anywhere you can think of. You have probably picked up many tips not found in textbooks. Share them and profit by them.
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