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Libery League International: Scam or Not?

Jun 19, 2008
For those of you looking into the business opportunity that Liberty League International offers, you're probably pondering the inner workings of the system and whether or not you see yourself making as much money as their program suggests. I'd like to provide a brief synopsis of their system and show how it works, which will hopefully provide you with an idea of whether or not you think you can use their system to fulfill your financial goals.

One good thing about Liberty League International is the ease of entrance. The starter kit is a mere $50, and that is really all it takes to get things going with your business. There are some minor monthly dues that come into play, but they're necessary items in operating your business. One downside to the way they've constructed their system is that even with the inexpensive start up cost, once you start making sales you must give up your first 5 to the upline who found you. Once you've accomplished that, you're then "qualified" to make commissions of $1000. So they essentially make up for the inexpensive start up costs by tweaking the compensation plan.

That means that you essentially have to give $5000 worth of sales to the person who found you, despite the fact that you did all of the work. However, there is a way around passing up 5 sales; and that is by buying one of the 3 products that Liberty League offers, which range from $1500 to $13000. Most people typically purchase the least expensive of the three, which is a personal growth course called Beyond Freedom that is aimed towards self improvement. If you purchase beyond freedom for the price of $1500 (or any other of their products) then you only need to pass up 2 of your first sales to start earning full commissions.

So after paying $50 to join, then spending a minimum of $1500, and giving up your first two sales to your sponsor, are you then "qualified" to earn full commissions. The remaining products offered are conferences, and they are extensions of the Beyond Freedom course. They're 3 day events that are typically hosted in exotic locations, and they cost either $8,000 or $13,000, depending on which conference you choose.

That is the Liberty League compensation plan in a nutshell. It's possible to earn commissions on conference sales, but that simply requires more money out of your pocket.

When you break it down, Liberty League International is for the most part a very expensive personal growth course totaling $22,500 if you partake in each of their products. You really can't put a price on self development, but one would think that with almost $23,000 dollars you can buy a lot more than a deep sense of belief in yourself.

One key factor to your success is the support system that you're offered. When you start a Liberty League business, you rely on your upline to mentor you. You are considered a team member in your upline's organization and it is up to them to help you get off on the right start. So you want to hope that your upline mentor knows what they're doing. The problem here is that your success can be completely different from someone with another upline.

The program has shown to make people lots of money, as is the case with any opportunity you come across on the internet, but the most important factor in your success is the system that is put in place to reveal how others have profited from the business. If anyone can pick up the methods and see results, then it doesn't matter if an individual has no experience or little computer skills, they can put their confidence in the system.

It is hard to find a business that places an emphasis on a solid system. You typically will see businesses that promote their opportunity, but rarely will you find one that guarantees your success.

However, you can find a system that embodies the concept of training members how to properly market online, and it is called the Wealth Funnel System. It is the product of a seasoned and experienced markter who goes by the name of Derrick Harper. With a 13 year career and references from big names such as Pfizer, Wyeth, Merk, Johnson & Johnson, MTV Networks, Weber Grills, and many other highly recognized brands, Derrick Harper knows what he is doing. He created the wealth funnel system to provide an opportunity that reveals his expertise and shows how to apply his methods to create a substantial income from home.

If Liberty League International appears to be the answer to your search for the right online business for you, I suggest you make sure that you have confidence in your upline and the system that they have in place. Furthermore, if you have no experience with an online business, talk to your potential sponsor and give the business a thorough evaluation to ensure that the tools are there for you learn the ropes so that you can eventually work independently.

I hope that this article helps clarify things for anyone looking for an honest observation of Liberty League International. It is a great opportunity, but for the newcomer it isn't the best in thoroughly teaching members how to market online. That is more important than anything else, and if you can find it you will be able to make money marketing anything.
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For more reading on the opportunity Derrick Harper has built for those in search of the right home business, take a look at the wealth funnel system.
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