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Roles of the Business Development Managers

Jun 19, 2008
The act of making a business or company grow is called business development. There are many sides to it like the assessments of various target markets and opportunities, information gathering on competitors and customers, producing ideas for possible sales, as well as making business models and designs.

Business development managers are the people in charge of business development in companies. They evaluate the business and try to use different tools and techniques to maximize its potential. These managers have the job of making sure that the business does not remain stagnant, and instead progresses.

Business development managers are also called economists or business planners. Such managers focus on maximizing the different business opportunities presented to the company and the task of business development.

Since business development depends a lot on how much knowledge a manager has, most business development managers are required to have degrees in the fields of business or economics. They have to know the different theories as well as the most effective strategies that the company can use for their gain.

Flexibility and versatility are other key characteristics that a manager must possess. They need this in order to adapt and adjust their strategies to the market's demands. Stubborn and inefficient managers will most likely be the downfall of the company.

Business development managers must likewise have relevant experience in sales to be able to make the right decisions. At the same time, they have to be organized and skilled at negotiating, and they also have to be aware of the trends in the economy, especially when it comes to government policies and fluctuations in currency.

It is important for any company that their products get to as many people as possible in order for the business to expand. It is important that the managers get to discover several strategies for expansion so they must keep watch for anything that can increase their sales and production.
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