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Becoming an X-ray Technician

Jun 19, 2008
What is An X-Ray Technician

Owing to the current shortage of professionals in the field of radiology and imaging, landing a successful career in this field is very easy. If you are interested in a medical career, radiology and imaging is a great choice. It is flexible and offers a wide number of jobs to choose from.

You can be a radiology technician, a radiology technologist, a radiologist, and of course, an X-Ray technician. The amount of training and educational background needed varies from one position to another, but the basic underlying rules are all the same.

But it's a long road ahead. You have to acquire at least one to four years training in the field of radiology and imaging at least. In addition you have to be a certified MD in order for you to become an actual radiologist, with the proper training required for those who are only looking to pursue a career in x-ray technology.The training period for x-ray technicians usually lasts for two to four years in a hospital-based x-ray technology program on in a medical school. Radiographic physics and anatomy, proper patient positioning and technique, quality control, dark room skills, and radiation safety are just some of the skills picked up by prospective candidates.

Students will experience hands-on training in a medical establishment where days are split between classroom discussions and actual performance of the future tasks that will be assigned to them if they ever become professionals.One great thing about being in the x-ray technology industry is that employment prospects will tend to remain strong because of a constantly aging population. Eventhough most x-ray technicians can be found in hospitals, the number of stand-alone clinics and x-ray centers are fast rising.

Still, some may even land jobs in private physician offices like orthopedic practices, mobile x-ray services, and in sales support.There is a certain level of specialization that is demanded by the x-ray technology industry, but it is not something that can't be acquired through proper training and additional college educational programs.
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