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How To Take Advantage Of Tenant Loans

Jun 19, 2008
Not everyone has the perfect two storey home with a dog and white picket fence. In fact, the vast majority of people rent their homes for their living situations. In such a case, it's tough to get a good loan as there is little collateral to offer where home owners would normally boast considerable collateral. But for such people, there is hope with the tenant loan.

Tenant loans are geared specifically towards anyone who rents property for a place to live. There is more risk for the lender, so they will be sure to check one's credit report before giving such a loan. To help prepare for this fact, renters should try to solve any inaccurate credit scores they may have obtained so as to ensure a better chance of not only obtaining the loan, but also a chance to get better interest rates and terms.

The real benefit consumers get with a tenant loan is trust. As long as the prospective borrower has a clean line of payments under their belt, and no missed payments, they will usually have much to rejoice over with a tenant loan. This isn't to say that they will get good rates as observed with secured loans, but they will certainly be better than the average unsecured loan. In some cases, consumers even get rates comparable to that of secure loans regardless.

Borrowers enjoy the nice discounts that come from tenant loans, but the real joy comes from the leniency they contain. One can get anywhere from a few hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars- and can enjoy months to years of payment period options. The flexibility is again observed with the fact that interest rates can be both fixed and variable in design- meaning borrowers can opt for stable interest rates or opt for variable rates in the event of an improving borrower's market.

Contrary to popular belief, much of the population rents property rather than buying it outright. This puts many people into the running for a tenant loan, although the biggest group of people opting for such a loan would be students. Students often have no credit, no house, and have only their rental histories to prove their worth. Thus, students will make great use of the tenant loan- given they are responsible enough to keep up with payments on time.

Believe it or not, getting a good rate on a loan can be just one big mind game. For instance, borrowers can tell lenders that they plan on visiting competitors for the best rates. In order to compete against competitors, lenders will commonly try to beat or match such rates- or at the very least offer some type of incentive or handy piece of advice as to why borrowers might not want to try other lender services out.

Final Thoughts

The tenant loan is a fine choice for many practical applications- just be sure to plan one's budget accordingly so as to stay on top of the debt it can create. Be sure to ask for reviews of different lenders, investigate testimonials, and above all else- read every condition and term of agreement with diligence and care.
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