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Working Alone - Who'd Have Thought You'd Miss Your Co-Workers?

Aug 17, 2007
Relationships with coworkers bring back memories... think about the people you used to work with. Those annoying people who you're forced to share an office with -- some of them friends, but most of them insufferable. If you're anything like me, one of reasons for starting a home business was to get away from these people. However, when you're away from your coworkers you can miss them.

Visualize a situation

Contemplate the following inside of your mind. You get up for another day of work. Your husband or wife has already left, since they have to get up earlier to commute to their job. Your children are at school. All the neighbours are at work. Your house feels deserted, and your neighbourhood feels like a ghost town.


It's all too easy to become enormously demotivated in this situation, and to begin to feel like your work is pointless. Worse, when you get stuck or something bad happens, you have no-one to turn to -- at work, you were all in it together, but now it's just you, out on your own. You have no one to bounce ideas off of, no one to complain to when the going get's tough. There's no one around to tell you to get back to work. You have to rely solely on your own motivation, your own ideas, your own skills, and your own energy to get things done.

Human interaction

Isolation can have very negative effects on a person. Ask yourself honestly if you've been more irritable than usual recently, found yourself lacking in energy, or felt upset or sad without being able to figure out the reason why. If you've experienced negative emotions perhaps it's been due to a lack of coworkers. Even disaggrements with coworkers can give life to an office. Even if it can be frustrating, it makes work interesting.

What's the Solution?

If you find yourself having to work from home, but you aren't getting much done, and you can't stay motivated, one solution is hiring someone to join you in your home office. You might be surprised how many people would love to work in a relaxed home atmosphere. By having someone come over to your house, it makes you get out of bed and get to work. And because you're paying them, you'll have to find work for them to do, which means you need to stay organized and focused.
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