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Five Essential Steps You Need To Take To Become A Successful Article Marketer

Jun 19, 2008
If you work from home on the Internet but are unfamiliar with the concept of article network marketing, then you are missing out on an amazingly effective network marketing strategy! Although some effort is needed to implement it, the concept itself is surprisingly easy to grasp. Marketing your business opportunity or product by this method is offers a completely legal way of reaching a whole new target audience.

Article marketing works much like product placement in movies. It depends on a general content article that contains references to and facts about the product you are selling and the business you are in. However, as with anything that appears to be so deceptively simple there is also a large margin of error.

If you have not tried posting articles on the Internet before, here are five steps you'll need to take in order to exploit the full potential of this powerful marketing technique.

1. Content is King. That is true both for websites and for articles. The content of your article must be well written. Many network marketers save themselves the arduous labour of planning and writing articles by employing professional copywriters to do it for them. If you do that, do not neglect to request some samples of the work first. This will enable you to understand the effect an article written by that individual or company will have on you, and by extension on other readers too. Watch out for typos and be on the alert for grammatical errors or punctuation mistakes.

2. Make sure the content of the article is pertinent to your business or product in some way. If you are selling a vitamin product you probably won't want to produce articles about movie reviews (although a highly skilled writer would be able to make the connection, if you insisted).

3. If you are using article network marketing to showcase your product, think of the attributes that best describe it. Is it a drink or a solid supplement? What colour is it? How does it taste? Should it be consumed hot or cold? Could it be incorporated into a recipe or dish? What are the effects of the product and how long does it usually take until someone will notice the benefits? All of these questions could and should be addressed within the article so as to give the reader a clear understanding and also a feel for the product without having to buy it first.

4. Make sure the article is more than just a piece of propaganda designed to hype the product. The average reader is not interested in reading blatant sales pitches. The trick to successful article network marketing is to skilfully incorporate your product into a well written article that is of general interest.

5. Turn the article into a traffic generator for your site by posting it on sites inviting article submissions. You can find plenty of sites by searching for "article submission" in Google or another search engine. You could also post it in forums, especially ones that have special "article submission" categories. You can also send it out as part of an email newsletter. Make sure that you are not actually spamming a site or abusing your email address leads before you post to them. Think about how to capitalize on the finished article in as many ways as possible. The more articles you create, the more impact you will have. However, it is important to make sure that each and every article offers a new insight and is markedly different from its predecessors. That may seem a tough call at first, but the art of writing really does improve with writing.
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