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The Voice Of An Expert

Jun 19, 2008
As the reach of the Internet has broadened the number of business competing online has also increased markedly. Gone are the days of building a website, adding some products, and watching the profits roll in. E-store owners and Webmasters need to put much more effort into their marketing efforts and the content of their website in order to gain those coveted sales. One of the most effective methods of improving your online business is becoming an expert in your field.

While you may already be an expert in your chosen field, your website visitors don't necessarily know that. Without really pushing yourself and the benefits of using your website over other websites you will lose business. Consumers know that the Internet offers the opportunity to find the best product, at the best price, from the best website. Unless you can offer some or all of these then you aren't ideally placed to make the most of your site visitors.

The Knowledge Base

Including a knowledge base on your website actually serves several purposes at once. It enables you to have a point of reference when compiling other web pages or online media. The most effective pages are short so having this reference zone lets you write compelling content and direct visitors to sources of more information, without them having to leave your site.

A knowledge base that is filled with topical, relevant, and informative content also shows that you are an expert in your field. Not only do you keep your visitors on the pages of your site but you also endear them to you, as a person. This makes them more likely to convert from visitors to customers.

Submitting Articles

Again, article marketing offers numerous advantages. Articles can be used to directly market a website and to build links. Links are essential for SEO purposes, and any surfer that reads your article on another site and finds it interesting, will potentially click the link and visit your site.

Any visitor that clicks through to your site from one of these articles will perceive you as an expert. After all, your articles are all over the Internet, so you must know your stuff. By distributing a very powerful article you have the chance of being published in highly respected and widely read ezines. This will further enhance your expert status.

Informative Content

The content of your site needs to convey the very same message - that you are an expert and your opinion can be trusted. As well as the main body of content within your site, you may also consider adding instructional content. Helpful Buyer's Guides can be used to direct your visitors to certain products and also act to show you as an authoritative figure.

Video tutorials, how-to guides, and your own article database are just a small sample of content ideas that will help your expert appearance grow in stature.

Why Be An Expert?

Consumers are more likely to purchase from a site they believed is run by an expert. When you present your call to action, they will instinctively listen because they are likely to act on the instructions of an expert.

However, don't get carried away. Your visitors won't be interested in seeing a list of the reasons why you should be considered an expert. Nor will they want to see you directly tell them you are an expert. It should be implied by the content on your site and your presence on the Internet, without ever being a direct boast. This will help you improve conversions and therefore improve your business.
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Omaro Ailoch is a senior software engineer, an entrepreneur and the founder of OC IT Services a highly skilled California based web development, design, and search engine optimization firm.
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