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Article Marketing and Writing: 6 Insider Tips to Generate More Traffic From Your Articles

Jun 19, 2008
I submit articles on the Web for almost 5 years, and this has resulted in a big increase of targeted traffic to my website. This increase is due to the fact that visitors who come to my site have sought the same keywords that the subjects addressed in the articles I write. Besides, my articles were published in e-zines who have many subscribers, which allowed me to build a huge opt-in list. How to write an article that will improve traffic to your site? Here are 6 strategies that I apply successfully.

Writing a great title is the Key

Writing a great title is the key to generate readership. Most of my Articles are "How To generate", or articles containing tips and advice that solve a given problem. For example: "The 5 best tips..."," 3 secrets on how to...", or "5 mistakes to avoid when ...". The generic formula that I use is to write a title that solve a specific problem that the readers might have.

Short but high value articles

I prefer to write short but high quality articles. My researches have shown that most of the articles containing between 350 and 600 words, with an optimal length of 700 words, are working the best. Most of my articles contain 400-600 words.

Short paragraphs

You write for the Web, your paragraphs should therefore not exceed 3-5 sentences each, and your sentences should be simple. Keep in mind that reading on screen is 20% slower than reading on print. This means that the eye stress is different depending on the medium. Separate your article in numbered points for easy reading and comprehension.

Incorporate Keywords

To generate more traffic from your articles, you need to include keywords in your article title and body, those with whom you want to be found. To maximize the effectiveness of the article, you must use the same keyword 3 to 7 times in the content of the article.

Intro, middle and end.

You should start your article with an introduction paragraph to tell readers what they will find in your article, the article with the content, and finally a conclusion that sums up what you said in the article. If you write articles tricks with numbered points as I do, it is important to conclude with a paragraph summarizing the contents of the article, rather than end with your last trick. Indeed, many directory publishers articles refuse to publish it because they consider as incomplete.

Limit Your URLs.

Most articles publishers refuse to index your article if it contains more than 3 links. The most stringent of them refuse to publish any article containing links affiliation, or links to your site, if they are placed in the body of the article. Make sure to place your website links in the bio box for that purpose.

Knowledge is power. Internet marketers in your niche need your expertise! By following the tips I have just highlighted about article marketing and writing, you'll start to generate more targeted traffic to your site in no time. It's that simple!

To Your Success!
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