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Are You Reaching Your Goals With Your Website? If Not. It's Time For a Checklist!

Jun 19, 2008
Are you getting enough clicks, visits and sales thanks to your website? If the answer is no, it is easy to appreciate your frustration which is actually quite common. Getting to obtain a site that meets all the conditions mentioned above may take a while to a time uncertain. Too many people embark on the Internet without really knowing what it is. They are just attracted and seduced by all the promises of the Internet and expect a "turnkey" solution.

So what can you do?

The most appropriate solution is to establish a check-list. The goal is that you read this list and after you answer honestly (this is the most important word of the sentence) in its entirety. Then you reflect on your answers, so your site can start doing his best in the virtual worlds.


1. Do you follow the events of your business? Are you seen as a professional (a reference or a specialist) in your area? Do you enjoy your activity?

2. What makes you unique? What are your unique attractions?

3. Have you submitted your site to major search engines? As well as those who operate in niche markets? What is your ranking?

4. Do you follow your web statistics on a regular basis?

5. What is your 'business plan'? Quality or quantity? Are you looking to make a fortune with the largest profits or just seeking and maintaining customer? Which two do you really?

6. Your visitors are looking to contact you. Do you have all the contact information on your web site?

7. Have you ever asked for advertising space on a site, a magazine? Or yourself do you sell advertising space on your site?

8. Have you established partnerships with other sites?

9. Are you using a squeeze page to retain the email addresses of your visitors and use them to follow up with your customers?

10. Do you have an effective domain name? Is it to. com? Is it easy to pronounce and remember?

11. Do you create solutions on your site to keep your visitors longer?

12. Do you have an affiliate program for your products? If the answer is no, do you apply another form of viral marketing for your site? If not, consider one of these procedures in the future.

13 Does all pages of your site are being visited?

14. Is it easy to surf on your site? Colors and fonts are easy to see? The loading time is it short? Do you update your content regularly? Your content is it good?

15. How many solutions do you suggest? How are you focused on your niche or your customers?

16. Do you really know your customers, as a matter of location, population, their culture, their lifestyle, their interests?

17. Do you accept credit cards as a means of payment? If not, what alternatives are you proposing?

18. Do you have a page stories? What guarantees are you proposing? The return policy of products? Do you have a FAQ (the questions most frequently)?

19. Do you continually prospects and you watch your competitors?

This checklist is certainly not exhaustive. However it gives you important hints on why your website is failing to generate good money and profits. So make sure to review this checklist regularly.

To Your Success!
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