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What You Should Know About The Bartenders

Jun 19, 2008
Barkeeps are as old as pubs and taverns. In olden days, they worked under a different name, but they still had the same job. Today, the bartenders reflect the image of the establishments in which they work and influence the atmosphere of their working environment.

A happy bartender makes happy customers, and an unhappy bartender can make unhappy customers. A barman or barmaid not only creates the drinks, as well as serving those sitting at the bar, sometimes they are the entertainment for the bar itself.

At some bars, the bartenders are expected to be flair bartenders, by tossing the bottles and glasses in the air and putting on a huge show for the customers. If you have ever seen movies, such as Coyote Ugly or Cocktail, then you probably noticed that they had interesting approaches to keeping their customers happy and entertained. Bartenders with flair do their part to ensuring a steady flow of customers.

Another way that bartenders do this is by simply remembering the drinks that their patrons order. If a bartender can get to know a customer and remember to match the face with their favorite drink, then they will no doubt establish a long time patron.

People like the familiarity that this brings to them; it also makes them feel welcome in the establishment. Bartenders are also normally versed in many mixed drink recipes and can make recommendations to those who are not sure what they want to try.

One of the myths surrounding the bartenders of today is that they are all great listeners. This was truer of bygone days because the bartender could spend more time with each customer. While it is true of some bartenders today, most bartenders are kept busy just filling the many customers' glasses.

Another part to being a great barman or female bartender is their ability to remember the specific drinks that each customer likes best. Customers like to be remembered, and this is one of the best ways to build up customer loyalty. Bartenders also know many drinks and can recommend one for an unsure customer to try. This also builds customer loyalty.

When you visit a bar, try to notice the bartenders who are working there. Do they entertain? Do they have a particular flair about them? The bartender, however, may simply do his normal bartending duties, mixing drinks and taking the drink orders.

If you simply are looking for an after work drink or are looking to socialize with your friends, then the type of bartender you have might not matter. However, if you are looking for a truly entertaining experience, then finding a bar with flair bartenders can be a real treat.
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